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Does my Pre-nursing schedule sound fair? - page 2

So I am quite undecided on what to take these following semesters. I currently have a 4.0 GPA, and I don't want to screw things up. I am doing pre-nursing for an Associates RN program , and have... Read More

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    The second schedule would make you more appealing. Take anything medical oriented you could. Look into the other medical programs and see if you could add anything from them like medical terminology or something from surgical tech division. You could probably get multiple associates degrees that way.
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    I'm confused as to why you're taking organic chemistry for fun? Isn't that counterintuitive to wanting to protect your 4.0?
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    Decided to stick to the "nursing" route, and space off the music stuff. :-) I'd figured, I can always do music and art some other time.. As for now, I should just concentrate on my career.

    Here's my final choice:

    Spring 2013
    A&P II
    Health Science

    Summer 2013:

    Fall 2013:
    Oral Communication
    Spanish for Medical Interpretation

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    Oops, i'm sorry, I meant to put
    "Intro to Organic Chem & Biochem", it's a much more lenient class for allied health majors :-)