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I miss all the threads of pre-nursing students waiting to hear if they've been accepted into their nursing program of choice. I miss the play-by-play accounts of folks that have nail-biting... Read More

  1. by   besaangel
    Congrats everyone... I too got into the BSN program and therefore decided to not apply to the other CCs

    The BSN notified me abt two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester so I started immediately, whereas the CCs would have informed me in May to start August and would leave me on the same timeline to finish ADN and BSN arounf the same time.
  2. by   besaangel
  3. by   Boxer Mama
    I will not know until the second week of May or so. I cannot even begin to worry about that since this semester is about killing me to finish up my classes!
  4. by   allycat77
    There are serious rumors running around my school, like 1) you'll hear by email 2) no, you'll hear by snail mail, 3) letters have already been mailed out 3) letters will be mailed the 1st week of March. So of course most of us are stalking the mailbox and checking email at very unlikely times of an email being sent (like at 10pm on the weekend!) It is both exciting and scary. I'm not sure if I will tear open the letter as soon as I get it, or stare at it blankly and make my husband open it
  5. by   SopranoKris
    I do have a Plan B if I don't get accepted. My ultimate goal is to be a PA. So, if I don't get accepted into the RN program, I will finish my Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Laboratory Science, continue to work as a Phlebotomist for HCE credit and apply to PA school when I'm done with the B.S.

    It's not what I had planned, but I've got to be realistic. I can't wait another year to hope I get into nursing school, when I can finish my B.S. quicker going the laboratory science route. I really wanted the RN background & experience prior to applying to PA school, but I have to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best!
  6. by   Just_keep_swimming
    I'm for freaking out over waiting, I've got 34ish more days until I find out if accepted into University of Washington SON...but even if I am one of the lucky 96 out of 461, I then have to apply to the AIr Force's Nurse Enlisted Commissioning program, which would allow me to stay on active duty (currently an aircraft mechanic) & finish my degree and commission as a 2nd LT and be a nurse. I won't find out from the until mid yeah....I'm not the most patient of people, so I stalk my mailbox....even though I know it's too early

    I try not to eat my feelings with the stress....luckily the Girl Scouts haven't been to my house yet
  7. by   jrmcfa2
    Well i'm definitely one of the nailbiters sitting at work resisting the urge to open up my file status account again for the day. I wish there were more information on here from those who have gotten in and what their NLNs, GPAs, and basically their stats were. I am a nontraditional student with a 3.25 cumulative GPA and a 138 on my NLN. I currently have an Associate's Degree in Science. I just wish i knew my chances. The Community College has two locations and you had to apply to only one of them. At the central location in Lexington, i believe they accept 80-90 and at the Lawrenceburg location, they accept 40. I applied in Lawrenceburg and we're supposed to find out the first week of April. Of course it's already noon on 4/2 and no word as of yet. I will so disappointed if I don't get in. When i took the NLN, the instructors acted like i had done really well but when i read posts of others it seems their NLNs have always been more than mine. I would just rather be told that we'll know by 5pm on Thursday (with a specific time and date) than to say they'll be updating our pages and sending letters sometime the first week of April. Uggggghh.....the waiting is sooo difficult.