Do you ever feel discouraged when your getting ready to apply?

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    Have you ever felt this way, and at the end you actually got accepted somewhere? Im looking at 5 universities im going to apply for and maybe 3 community colleges, even though im currently attending a CSU. im almost done with my pre reqs. but when im getting closer to apply i feel very discouraged almost like its unrealistic to gett accepted anywhere because any school for nursing is so competitive, and hard to get into. My first semester in college i got all staright A's and comming to the end of this semester im looking at staright A's as well, im a freshman, im always ahead doing research of colleges, already been studying for my tease test etc. Academically im good standing. but i dont know why i put my self down alot. have you ever felt this way and at the end you suprised your self and got accepted somewhere?
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    I was actually experiencing this just last week. It took for a couple of RNs that i knew and my bezt friend to give me advice. I apply for a BSN program next week and meet with a recruiter from the program the 10th of May. I'm scared of failure but I know that if it is in GOD plans for me then I will be successful.
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    congradulations!! youll do great! sucks for me because i dont know any RN's
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    I feel the same. I am scared to death of A&P, because if I fail, the dream of my BSN will go out the window. I am going to my #1 BSN school choice tonight for an orientation/information session, I hope they will look over my transcripts and give me some advise. I am currently waiting to hear if I got into my #1 choice LPN school, and the wait is torture.
    I am just scared I won't make it, half the stories I read here freak me out, especially the stories about failing out because a clinical instructor thinks someone is too quiet. Nursing seems more like a gamble every day. No jobs for ASN's no jobs for BSN's with no experience.... if it wasn't for the fact this is my calling, and I know it to be true down to my bones I would wipe my hands of it all and just find something easy.
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    @Heathermax I think from your post that you are located in the same state as me. I went to Sentara open house last time t hey had it. I pray that I get into that program.
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    I'm feeling the same but a bit more nervous. I just find it shocking that I'm now at that point when I have to apply to nursing programs. I'm not at all discouraged because I know this is what I want to do and I have my family, boyfriend, and I praying that I do get accepted. In the end, it wil allll be worth it!
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    Quote from futurernluvenia
    @Heathermax I think from your post that you are located in the same state as me. I went to Sentara open house last time t hey had it. I pray that I get into that program.
    Yup! Hampton Roads VA, I am in Portsmouth
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    I'm in Portsmouth also lol. Just left my statistics class at the VB campus
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    I am at the Chesapeake campus right now, but this summer all my classes will be at Portsmouth
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    Oh wow. Which program are you applying to?

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