Do we still dissect things in a&p? - page 2

Just Curious if they still do that. We dissected rabbits in our animal a&p and the nursing students did cats. That was 17 years ago... Read More

  1. by   Boxer Mama
    We dissected a cat all semester as well as brain, eyes, kidneys, heart or either a pig or sheep.
  2. by   MrsStudentNurse
    We do a lot of surgery on the kitty but in anatomy and physiology 1 it was on the sheep and cow eyes. We have testing on the cadavers.
  3. by   StayHumble11
    I wish but we don't at my school
  4. by   caligirl7
    This semester in my anatomy class we use human cadavers and each student does a specific dissection assigned on a cadaver. I go to a junior college but my school doesn't combine anatomy and physiology classes for nursing students. In high school we used sheep eye, cow heart and brain and a fetal pig.
  5. by   Medic/RN2B
    We did baby pigs and sheep hearts for ANP 2
  6. by   Fireman767
    A&p1: Cats, rats, and some sheep.
    A&P2: Cats, sheep, cow for certain organs

    Some schools use cadavers if they have a program to help them and allow them to use them (usually the schools that have their own med school under their name), but most schools don't have cadavers since it's far too expensive to create and manage.
  7. by   StrawberryEssence81
    We are dissecting fetal pigs for A&P II.
  8. by   professionalgirl80
    2 weeks ago in A&P I lab I dissected a rat.
  9. by   Katieerin
    I am taking anatomy this fall and we will dissect cats.
  10. by   mjo07
    At a community college, for A&P1 we dissected a pig and a sheep's brain. for A&P2 we dissected a sheep's heart so far..