Do I need to retake Statistics?

  1. I took Managerial Statistics when I did my first degree, so I wonder if any of you with a similar background have had to retake statistics when applying for nursing programs. Do schools generally consider Mgr. Statistics a satisfactory substitute for the Statistics requirement? Mgr Stats cover all the same materials - descriptive/inferential stats and hypothesis testings etc.

    I'm not oppose to retaking, but I would rather spend the money and time on something else (like patho or chem 2). Intro Stats will be a lot of redundancy for me because I took yet another financial/econometric stats (2 credit) in grad school and had a lot of stats with a certification that I got. My previous job also touches on stats everyday.

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  3. by   meeep
    Probably want to ask the school you're planning to apply to. We have no way of knowing if you'll be required to retake it. Every school has its own policies.
  4. by   Irish_Mist
    I took managerial statistics last year and was wondering the same thing. I found out that Baylor University and Texas Woman's University will accept it. I can't say if all schools will, though. I asked admissions coordinators from both schools and had my transcripts evaluated to know for sure. I would ask the university/college of interest. Better to find out sooner than later.
  5. by   CareQueen
    I took Statistics during my first Bachelors degree, but unfortunately my ABSN program won't accept it. They'll only accept Statistics classes taken in Math, Education, Psychology, Biology, or Sociology. They won't accept those offered in Economics, Business, or Management. Unluckily for me, I took Statistics for Political Science , which for their purposes falls under Econ. . So I'm currently taking Stats listed under the Math dept. to satisfy the requirement. It's a little annoying to have to retake it, especially since that money could go to something else, but hey, what can you do?

    There were other schools that I checked out previously who were willing to accept it. Go figure! Given that, I'd say it's best to go directly to the schools' admissions offices and ask as soon as possible. The differences in what different schools accept can be quite surprising.
  6. by   umbdude
    Thanks! I'll make sure I check with the schools but mostly I'll have to retake. oh well.
  7. by   Irish_Mist
    Quote from umbdude
    Thanks! I'll make sure I check with the schools but mostly I'll have to retake. oh well.
    You may not have to re-take it depending on the school. Keep your fingers crossed! Managerial statistics has just as much math as a stats class taught in the math department. It was a beast of a class so I wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to re-take it. Good luck!