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  1. 0 So I'm having a hard time deciding on what I want to do with my life. Medical field has always interested me, and that is what I'm shooting for. I've been in school now 3 years, 21 years old, taking mainly general courses and courses for different medical programs(changed my major a few times). Anyway, I was accepted in a Respiratory Therapy program at a private college near me. It starts in January, however everything I read is that it is tough to get a job, and don't want to be stuck without a job especially after the 25k I'd have to take out in student loans for just an ASN. Well last year I had applied for the RN program at my CC(a great program BTW), and missed the GPA cutoff barely(3.38). I decided for the time being that maybe RN wasn't for me. I have been teetering between the RT or going back to LSU and getting my bachelors in something non healthcare related, which is all that is offered. Well today I thought, maybe I should go back to the CC, take a couple classes to get my core GPA back up, along with classes that would go toward my bachelors in case I don't get in again, and reapply. I know that RN jobs are especially easier to come by, make more money than RT, and being a guy feel like I would have a much better shot. The RN program would end one semester after RT ends, and about one or two semesters before I would finish my bachelors. However, the program is still only an associates degree, and I feel like after this much schooling I should have my bachelors and that is sticking to the back of my mind. My long term goal is to become a PA, so that is why the bachelors comes to play, but I also need the healthcare experience. I would spend significantly less on becoming an RN tho. I guess I'm getting agitated being in school so long even though it's not a huge deal, I just want to be able to expand my career if need be, which with a bachelors I feel is easier to do. So my question to you all is, is it more worth it for my to go back to CC and become an RN, RT, or get my bachelors in business finance which I would finish roughly in the same amount of time.

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    Quote from smitty192
    I know that RN jobs are especially easier to come by, make more money than RT, and being a guy feel like I would have a much better shot. My long term goal is to become a PA, so that is why the bachelors comes to play, but I also need the healthcare experience.
    Two points. First, sorry to burst your bubble, but as a new grad RN, jobs are extremely difficult to come by. Don't believe me? Do a quick search on the forum; there are numerous threads with new grads not able to find work. Do a google search. There is a facebook page for CA new grads that touch on this subject. The average time to find a paid RN job is a year... there have been some instances where it is taking even longer.

    Second, if your goal is to be a PA, go to PA school straight. Not all PA schools require x amount of healthcare hours to apply.

    Good luck!
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    understandable, but maybe its just here in Louisiana. EVERY single person that I know who has gone through nursing school, roughly 10-12, has gotten a job before they even finished their last semester, and this is within the past year. Possibly coincidental, but I appreciate the input
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    I think you need to consider some more important factors in your decision. Think about what you actually like about each career you're considering and what you don't like. Not just how hard it is to find a job, how much you'd be paid, how long it would take, etc. These are important to consider but it's even more important that you make a decision based off of what you think you would enjoy the most. Otherwise, you will always be second guessing yourself. I can promise you that.
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    I mean I want to help people and want to learn medicine. It's what interests me. RT would only get me so far in that sense, and that is why I'm pretty much ruling that out.
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    In Louisiana it's a whole different ballgame with nursing jobs, especially around Baton Rouge which is where I assume the OP is from since she mentioned LSU. Most nursing grads have a job lined up before they even graduate.

    OP, if you have enough pre-req credits already, I'd go the ADN route at BRCC. They only require those 5 main pre-reqs to be complete before applying, and applications go out in January for fall admission.
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    yea, BRCC is where I was planning to go if I take that route. Thats where i had applied last year. All my pre-reqs have been done, and it's only a 3 semester program beyond that(not to say it isn't rigorous)
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    I would re-apply this round if your pre-reqs are done, it definitely can't hurt. Is your GPA still the 3.38? They say the cut-off fluctuates each year, so I would definitely give it a shot and apply there again in January.
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    Yea it is. But what I was planning on doing last time was retaking my first psych class and getting an a, have a b currently, just to bump it up and make sure
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    Quote from smitty192
    I know that RN jobs are especially easier to come by, make more money than RT, and being a guy feel like I would have a much better shot.
    Gosh - I really don't want you to think we're all a bunchy of nit-pickers here, but I also need to help you clarify. Being a "guy" doesn't make a bit of difference. That ship sailed a long time ago. Don't expect any special consideration based on gender.

    I am very familiar with La hospital environment, North, Central & South so I want to give you a head's up. Many of the larger facilities are starting to work toward obtaining Magnet certification, so they are now giving significant preference to BSN grads.
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    Maybe you should take a few years off to decide what you want to do? I wish that I had done that before I got my JD. I realized, way too late, that I should have pursued a degree in nursing, like i wanted to do my first year in college. You can take the time off, and start saving money and pay for school that way, it;s better than loans, take it from someone who owes Uncle Sam over 100k.
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    I agree that it doesn't seem so bad in Louisiana. Many of my classmates have jobs lined up already. And I know many ASN nurses that have also easily gotten jobs.
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    A lot of ADN graduates are landing jobs just as easily as BSN grads are here in Louisiana. I know quite a few ADN grads who had jobs lined up in hospitals before they even passed their NCLEX. So BSN is a priority in some area's, but at the moment down here, the degree really doesn't make a huge difference at all. ADN or BSN both are able to get jobs fairly quickly and easily.