1. Okay, I am barely starting to take my prereqs so that I can eventually apply to a nursing program. I have to be honest and say that I am quite frustrated! I am more of a visual/hands on person. I love the lab portion of my Anatomy class but I truly dislike the lecture with all the multiple choice questions. So I was just wondering if some of you guys could help me by telling me what has helped you succeed in your science classes?

    Also, one of my professor's was telling us last week that not everyone can become a nurse. She said that nursing wasn't about fluffing pillows and holding people's hands and giving them meds. I know that from what I've read on some threads here and I was also wondering, what personal characteristics do you possess that make you feel like you were meant/qualified to be a nurse?
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  3. by   Iridescent Orchid
    Hey there!

    I am just as you are. I struggle insanely with studying for A&P, for my instructor sits in a chair the entire time reading from a PowerPoint word-for-word (and doesn't even include photos!)

    What I've done to pass Anatomy is I spent too much money in supplemental learning products. If you're able to spend a little for the class, I'd definitely recommend Kaplan's Anatomy Coloring Book as well as their Flash Cards. They've helped me tremendously! You can find them on Amazon for a good amount less than Books-A-Million or any other local bookstore, unless they're having a sale.

    As far as knowing how I can handle nursing, I'm still not sure I'm cut out for it, honestly. It's normal to have those doubts. My heart is in this 100% though and am willing to do all I can to succeed. I am very determined, caring, patient, and have always worked great under pressure or at a fast-pace. I have a love for healing people or at least doing all I can to make them comfortable in their last moments. I cannot see myself in any other career. That's why I know this is what I'm cut out for. Anything I lack, I can create.

    Best of luck to you!
  4. by   Purple1122

    I took Anatomy some time back and I'm also a visual/hands on learner. My trick trick during lectures was drawing... The drawings helped me visualize what the instructor was saying and I think it was also helpful that my instructor didn't straight up lecture from power point slides (I abhor those lectures!!). Maybe you can speak to your instructor about this. I know some schools try to incorporate different teaching styles to accommodate their students.

    In physiology class I did the same thing... I drew everything out... from its humble beginnings in a cell, moving up to more complicated systems (it was like a map, showing the inner workings of the body and how they connected). During exams, I have an image of my map in my head and that allowed me to do well on my exams. I wish I have my huge poster drawing so I can show you, but my professor hung onto it.

    The tape recording thing didn't work for me... I wouldn't listen to it afterwards because I found it super boring. Even though lectures were hard for me to sit through... the movement of my hands (i.e. writing notes and drawing pictures) helped me retain stuff. Oh! Another thing... re-write lecture notes over again before the end of the day. When I rewrite notes, it actively forces me to re-think of what went on in lecture. It's also helpful to have study groups!

    Sorry for babbling... I hope that helps
  5. by   willowita
    Look for topics on youtube if you need to see them illustrated/animated. Also, check out the website for the book. They usually have diagrams and supplemental stuff from the publisher.

    The biggest one that I think is essential, is make friends with people in your class! Then have an ongoing study group. Sometimes you need to talk it out and have other people explain it in order for it to sink in. Luckily, I've had a little study group from microbio to physiology and then chemistry since we're all going into nursing. I'm a shy person so if I can make friends with strangers then anyone can.

    Something else I do is that when I read the book, I make my own notes that summarize what I've read in my own words. It's extra work, yes, but you'll see if you're really getting it or not. Then when test time comes around, you already have a pristine set of notes to study from. Oh, and when you talk about systems, concepts, etc to yourself make sure to use the key words that are in the book. The more you become familiar with the vocabulary, the better you are at understanding it and recognizing it on a test. Sometimes tests appear to be written in a tricky manner but it's science talk. You need to learn the language to understand what a question is asking.
  6. by   DoogieHowserJr
    What helped me was to make color charts with drawing paper. It made it easy to organize everything in my mind and really get to understand the functions, names, and locations.
    I feel as though a nurse is defined as someone who cares about others and who has obtained the knowledge to do so. Many people can be artistic and still do good in science courses. It is a nice balance to have that most people lack. Throughout your adventure through the pre-reqs you'll realize that school is more of a mental process and requires an amount of confidence within yourself. You can achieve anything if you believe in yourself!! Plus, professors pick on those going through their pre-reqs as a weeding out process. Just stay strong and stay creative, you can do it!