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  1. Hello!
    I plan on taking the COMPASS test tomorrow which is required for the nursing program I'm applying too, but my biggest weakest are standardized tests, especially the math section. I know most people blow right through the whole test and the algebra/English question is a joke for them, but for me I'm terrible at math...I purchased a few practice books to review for the test and I'm starting to remember the material I learned a few quarters ago. But when I do the practice problems/test that I find online, idk I just kinda of forget how to do it. I guess my question is how hard is the COMPASS test? For the nursing program I'm applying they require at least a 69 for intermediate algebra or 30 on college algebra, and at least 80 for reading and writing, what do these score mean (Are they out of 100%???). And how many problems are there for each section? The advisor I was talking to told me to start with College Algebra when taking it and if you don't do well, the computer will automatically change to Intermediate Algebra; could I just start at Intermediate Algebra and skip the College Algebra section (I've only really been studying for the Intermediate Algebra)?

    Also what is the writing and reading section like? I've been taking practice problems from the books and online as well, but each book/website seem to have different difficulties. Some books/website have really easy questions while other ones ask more complicated questions.

    I'm just really stressed out about this test even though I should know this level of math/English by now...just standardized tests are my biggest weakness, but yes any help would be much appreciated!

    Thank you all so much!!
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  3. by   pvamu2015
    I was exempted from reading and writing but I needed to make a 39 on math but I always made a 32 or 33 putting anything. You can get a 30 because I am horrible in math but I got at least a 32
  4. by   x_factor
    The test conforms to how many problems you answer correctly. They progressively get harder but if you start getting them wrong, they progressively get easier. The math is the only thing that I scored low on, I made a 51 in the algebra, so I tested into intermediate algebra at my CC, and just finished that class this semester. I'm going to into college algebra in the spring. The math section is a mixture of pre algebra, algebra, a little geometry and a little bit of trig. The reading section I thought was easy, I scored a 99 on that section. It's just reading the passage and following the directions, such as picking out what sentence doesn't go there, ect.
  5. by   meeep
    It's important to try to get the first few questions right if you can. If you get them wrong, the test questions will keep going down in difficulty and you might not see anymore problems that will get you a score high enough to place into college algebra. If math is not your strong suit, try khan academy, they have great videos.
  6. by   Exhaustipated
    I take it you took the test did you do? If you'd had more time to prepare, I would have made the same suggestion meeep made: Khan Academy. After 25 years out of school and a horror of math, that website and Math Review for Standardized Tests helped me score high enough to move right into college algebra.

    I hope you did well! If not, and if you have the opportunity to retake the test, I recommend those two things to help prepare.
  7. by   cw55
    Sorry for responding so late, but ya overall I did pretty well! I got high 90's for both Reading and Writing and around 75 on intermediate algebra and 35ish for college algebra.

    Thanks for all the help you guys !