Chemistry and Nursing Requirements

  1. I have been accepted into the accelerated nursing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and I begin May 28th. I'm currently a student at another university, so I am relocating within the next week after finals.

    UALR would not accept the chemistry class I had taken, so I took another chem class this semester that would transfer. I am passing the lecture (barely, chemistry is not my strong subject) but I think I may come out with a D in lab. I know I failed the final that was worth 400 pts. The final consisted of a lab practical and a written test. I would've passed the lab practical if I hadn't made a miscalculation which threw off my results.

    I am aware that I must have a C in all pre-req courses, but does that pertain to the lab as well? Since it has to be taken with the lecture.

    I'm going to meet with my professor tomorrow about my grade and praying that after the final grade is put in, I'll at least pass with a C. I am supposed to drive up to Little Rock tomorrow to sign the lease for my apartment. I'm usually a really strong student, until the semester. I have never stressed or cried over any class like I have with Chemistry.

    Has anyone been in this type of situation?? Any advice as to what I should do?
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  3. by   Jlm1206
    When I attempted Chemistry, I took an 8am class completely unprepared. I didn't take Chem in high school and knew literally nothing about the wonderful world of chemistry. I took it at Miss State University and within 2 months I had failed miserably and missed the deadline to withdraw. I had private tutors, lived in the chem computer lab, and begged the busy chem majors to help me. It was all in vain. I quit going to class in March and didn't even bother to take the final. I tried SO HARD to do good and no matter how much I studied or worked at it I fell two steps back. Looking back I know I was too hard on myself. On top of chem I was struggling to keep my 3 yr relationship together. When I finally gave up I quit caring about everything. By July I was admitted to a hospital for having a nervous breakdown. Chemistry SUCKS but we run our lives and failing a class isn't the end of the world. There's much worse things in this world
  4. by   mwilso2318
    It probably depends whether lecture and lab are two separate classes. At my school, lecture and lab is one class, so if you bot a C in lab and A and lecture your grade in that class, for ex, physiology would be a B. Of course it depends on how the tests are weighted and all that. ButIm assuming yours are two separate classes. Im not sure, If just call and ask. Worst comes to worst can you retake the lab portion in the summer?
  5. by   kitten2013
    I haven't gotten as far as making calls yet, I'm just afraid of losing my spot in the nursing program that I've been accepted in. The lecture is 3 credit hours while the lab is one credit hour, I receive separate grades for the two classes.

    My fear with having failed the final is having my grade dropped to a 69, one point away from a C. With that little point ruining my whole entire school career, because I can't wait a year to apply again, I was lucky to have been accepted into the program my first try and into the portion that only allows 40 students. But if that is the case, I only have myself to blame. I honestly tried so hard in that class and I just could never understand.
  6. by   kitten2013
    I just have a lot weighing on this class and I have never failed a class before. I'm glad there's others that have struggled as much as I have in taking this course. I was beginning to think I had no intelligence because I couldn't grasp any concept through out the entire course.
  7. by   stephanie.
    I'm in the same boat as you- I'm waiting to see what my final grades are for organic chem. However I don't start nursing school until the fall so I registered for summer school just in case.

    If your university is anything like mine you'll need a C in both portions. Good luck!
  8. by   SopranoKris
    You should really speak to the nursing school advisor to find out what your best course of action is. We can only speculate since we don't know their requirements. Chem lecture & lab at my school is completely separate, so if you fail lab, it doesn't affect your lecture grade. Just like your school, lecture is 3 credits and lab is 1 credit.

    If you speak with your nursing advisor, ask if there's a possibility that you can repeat just the lab this summer or during the Fall concurrently with your nursing courses. If it's just a 1 credit lab, they may let you do this, since you've already been accepted. Again, it all depends on the program, so speaking with them is the key.

    Do you know for an absolute certainty that you have failed lab? Or have a D? Is there any possibility you have a C? If you have a C, I wouldn't worry about it.

    Good luck! I hope you can just re-take the lab over summer be done with it
  9. by   kitten2013
    My final grades finally came in and thankfully I passed both portions! I hope you had good news as well!

    Is organic chem a requirement for your program? If so, I am SUPER glad it isn't a requirement at my university! Sounds like an awful and challenging course.
  10. by   kitten2013
    Thank you!

    I got my final grades and I passed both courses! a C in lab and a B in lecture. I begin my first nursing course in a week
  11. by   LifeIsGood76
    I'm glad to hear you passed! I am currently taking a 6 week summer Chemistry course and it is killing me!! I'm doing a "hybrid" course, which means I go to class for the lab, but for the lecture portion, we basically teach ourselves. It is very hard! Everything is riding on this stupid class. If I don't pass, I can't take the last 2 prerequisites I need next semester (Microbiology and Physiology), so that I can apply to the nursing program in Spring. The thing that stinks is that Chemistry is not even a pre-req for the actual program, it is just a pre-req for those other 2 classes . I got a 78 on my first test and a 48 on my second test!! I am half way through the semester and if I don't ace everything from this point on, I won't pass. It is so stressful!
  12. by   deltadiva_RN
    I ran across this post & I was curious where are you taking your 6 week Chemistry course?