Chances of getting into nursing programs

  1. Hello everyone I really need some advice and info. I am 20 and spent my last 2 years at a community college. I have changed my major 2x and finally decided I want to be a NP. Problem is I am only a C student with 2 D's in English 104 and 101 which are required classes that are looked at to base acceptance. Ik I will have to retake the English with an A but what else can I do? I have not taken any other of the 6 classes they base acceptance into yet. Please tell me every little thing I can do to increase my chances of getting in cause it's so competitive. Is it too late for me?
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  3. by   sandi1743
    it is never too late! I would start off by attending open houses to find out what the schools you are interested in are looking for in a good candidate - make appointments if needed to talk to a an admission counselor one on one as open houses are not the place to get into details about yourself/your past. you will prob have to start getting experience in the medical field as well.
    best of luck!
  4. by   MikeFromMT
    Well, this Nursing student also changed his major, then changed it again, and again...When I decided on NS my local CC asked for my transcripts, (from my previous school) I told them they might not be as good as I liked but I was now a more serious student, they'd heard that before and assured me not to worry and yes, I may have to retake some classes. Some classes transferred and some did not due to low grades, I was told that I needed to retake those classes and get a C or better, so I retook those classes and got A's, I also got A's in my pre-reqs and lo and behold I was accepted into the Nursing Program. I also have been offered membership in Honors programs (if only my old counselors could see me now) Talk to your counselors and the program director. I did it and maybe you can too.
  5. by   NewSN13
    Definitely try to talk to representatives from the program(s) you are interested in. Sandi's advice was excellent - try to get a one on one appointment so you can have someone help you with your situation. You'll want to find out the policies on retaking courses. For example, does the new grade replace the old grade or do they take an average of the old and new grade, do they have a limit on the number of courses you can retake? Find out exactly what they are looking for in potential nursing students - medical experience (something my school doesn't consider), test scores, GPA in specific classes.

    You can't change the past but going forward, knowing that nursing school admission is competitive, you just need to work as hard as you can to get the grades you need to. A lot of schools put a lot of weight on your grades in the science classes so since it sounds like you haven't taken those yet, that's to your advantage. You know that you'll need to work really hard in those classes to make yourself a competitve candidate.
  6. by   iPink
    Don't feel defeated. Once you look at the potential nursing programs of interest, find out their retake policy. Some programs allow 1 or 2 classes to be repeated but it's important to find out. From here on out, try to focus on doing well on all your classes. Nursing programs are very competitive, and you need to believe you will do well and be accepted. This is my second career, and had my share of retaking classes. I'm not an 'A' student, but it didn't hinder me from being accepted into my BSN program.

    Wish you the best in your journey.
  7. by   Christen_N
    Hi everyone.

    I don't think this is in the correct area but I cannot find the exact forum I am looking for. I am trying to get advice on what my chances are of getting into Nursing school are. I don't have first A attempts in the preferred subjects but I am trying to get into TWU Dallas. My TEAS exam score was a 64.7%, not much to be proud of but I was .7% above the cut off. My GPA calculation using their calculation sheet came out to 3.607 with the bump included. I really need to get into this school but of course, you only get one chance per semester. I also need a backup school. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  8. by   smatrang001
    Don't b discouraged. You're competing against other applicants and every year the cut off is different. I'd say take your prereq classes, get As and it will bring your GPA up. Retake classes you've scored badly on and get As. It's gonna take a lot of studying ahead but you just need to not allow yourself to slack off or get burnt out.