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Hi, I am a pre nursing student currently working on a English paper (defining a helicopter parent) I am using examples in defining my topic however I feel like my essay is one example short in the newborn area.....I cannot... Read More

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    Quote from HouTx
    I don't think that the 'helicopter' parent description is appropriate for newborns. That is normal, healthy parenting behavior for these tiny new humans who are at their most vulnerable point in their lives. I have seen new parents become obsessive based upon misunderstanding or misinformation from health care professionals.... such as extreme attention to sterility, keeping baby too wrapped up/swaddled for warmth or trying to maintain absolute silence so that the baby can sleep ... but these are easily modified with some clarification and coaching.
    Yeah, I am thinking helicopter parenting really can't be done until the kid is mobile...

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    Your child wearing only the clothes you buy for them well into their adult age=helicopter lol.

    Your child moving in with you when they majored in philosophy and cant afford to live alone=helicopter.

    Just joking...But seriously it is.
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    Not letting anyone else touch, feed, diaper, or (God forbid) babysit your child. Including closes family and friends (Grandparents and fathers). I know way too many people like this. No one can care for my baby the way I can, and my baby "won't let" anyone else hold her. She won't let anyone because you won't let anyone.
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    I knew a family years ago that made a policy that they wouldn't take their infant out in public until it was 6 months old for fear of infection (colds, etc.) and sterilized (literally) everything she (the infant) touched.
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    We had first time parents frantically bring in a week old baby. I rushed them back to see the doc, and when I asked what the problem was, their response was that the baby's gas smells bad. Ummm, did you think it was going to smell like roses?
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    Babies need to get used to noises. TV, music, kids playing, dogs barking. Etc. If they learn to sleep through that as newborns they will be great sleepers throughout. Used to get very annoyed when I entered a room for mom's vital signs and was welcomed by "shhhhhh, just put the baby down, don't wake her/him up!"
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    These are great!!!! truly a huge help!!!

    I do believe helicopter parenting can start well before birth let alone apply to newborns as well....yes we are supposed to hover and I'm sure at least 85% of new parents drive their infants home going 10-15 mph....but some people go overboard......and these are great ideas!!! thanks!

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