C in Chemistry?!?!?!?

  1. I really tried my hardest in my class. I got an A in my first quarter, but my professor became twice as difficult the second semester, which made my final grade a 76% (C). It's really frustrating because I worked my butt off while another student cheated off of another student during all of the tests, which she made a B+.

    Is my C in chemistry okay? Most of my class made C's, so I don't think I did horribly compared to my classmates.

    Also, should I mention the cheater to my professor?
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  4. by   Saysfaa
    You should have mentioned the cheating when you became aware of it.

    After the final grades are back makes it a little hard for the prof to do much about it, especially if it becomes your word against the other students.

    Oh, and a C in chemistry won't matter at some schools or under some circumstances and will keep you out of the nursing program at other schools and everywhere in between. The website or information packet should give you an idea of how your school decides these things.
  5. by   zoe92
    I think most schools are more concerned with your A & P or biology grades. I made a C in chemistry (because it's much harder for me than biology classes) & I'm not stressed about it since the rest of my grades are good.
  6. by   violetgirl
    Hum, I would keep focused on your science classes as these are your "bread-n-butter" classes for nursing school.

    Yah, it sucks when students cheat, yet I would only worry about you~ It's a fine line... Keep focused on your work, stay positive, and press on no matter what!

    Many Blessings~