Biology 189

  1. Hi guys! I'm finally starting the sciences portion of my pre reqs for nursing at my local community college (CSN) needless to say I am scared out of my mind. It's been a long time since I have had a science class and people I have talked to say its tough and it has a high drop and or fail rate! I am a CNA and I nursing is my definite passion but I'm afraid to fail I want this so bad! What is your advice?
    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   Ednach
    What is Biol 189 in your school? I know that each cc has a different number for their classes even though it is all the same pre reqs.
  4. by   Amylovesnursing
    General bio- Survey of contemporary biology topics including biochemistry, cell structure and function, cellular metabolism, physiology, and genetics. For Health Science majors who require biology as part of their professional career preparation.
  5. by   KarinaAlejandraBueno
    I'm doing the same class at my CCC (Biology 121), it sounds like it is the same class material that I have. Still a prep-req. class before to get into the Nursing Program, you are correct. I don't think it will be super difficult, but I know I have to put all my effort to get a good grade. My recommendation to you, it is "Don't let some classes with super numbers scare to you"... Definitively you can pass the class studying, studying, and studying, I will be doing the same thing....... Good Luck!
  6. by   Ednach
    I am sure you will do great . I am also taking the class and just from looking through the text it sounds awesome. Now sometimes it comes down to the professor. Did you check yours ( before enrolling in the class?
  7. by   Amylovesnursing
    Thanks guys I did check rate my prof and he has good ratings. I think I'm just afraid of the unknown and afraid to fail. It's exciting its finally about nursing though
  8. by   zoe92
    My advice is to be sure to go to every lecture, study a little every day, and possibly make a study group if it helps,
  9. by   Devon Rex
    You just have to stay focused. Do your studying on time and be proactive. If you know it's getting a bit too difficult, talk with your professor for ideas on how to improve your learning process. Study group is good as long as it is small and everyone is equally involved and committed to learning... otherwise it turns into a party.

    Stay focused, you can do it!
    Hi mommytomommy&RN.

    I'm also at CSN, and I start on the 22nd. Listen, I don't want to scare you, but I've heard that BIO 189 is used as a filter to fail ppl out of programs. It is the hardest class to even get into at CSN due to it being a Pre req for so many majors-I couldn't get in this semester. My advice is to study and follow your instructors syllabus to a "T!"

    Now my buddies could have been exaggerating on the difficulty (well not so much difficult as very strict, especially with labs), but I've heard others say this as well. On the bright side though, I also hear that after 189 is done, 223,224 and 251 are a breeze. Always a silver lining, right?

    Seriously, good luck with the program