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Bio before chem?

  1. 0 My adviser recommended I take chem 110 before I take bio 160. Well I want to take a science this summer for sure and Bio is the only one offered. Has anyone taken bio before chem???
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    Not me. I finished chem 1151 (fall 2012) & 1152 (spring 2013), taking bio 1230 this summer. In one week to be exact.
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    So you did take chem first. Thats what is recommended but I want to take bio first! LOL If I cant take a science this summer it totally screws my plan.
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    Quote from alynn
    So you did take chem first. Thats what is recommended but I want to take bio first! LOL If I cant take a science this summer it totally screws my plan.
    Lol, I don't see why it would make a difference which one you took first. But I guess your advisor knows.
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    I have taken human bio, A&P1 and just finished A&P2. I will take chem this summer, simply by choice because i have been afraid of chem since high school . I don't think it makes a difference..
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    I guess I might just wait and take chem this fall and bio this winter. Oh, the life of a working mother of 3 young ones! I feel like the time when I can apply for the program will never come!! ugh. Why the hell did I wait till I was 31 to decide to what my career will be?!
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    Where I live most schools do not require chemistry. My only guess is because we take it in high school and A&P touches on the chemistry we need to know!? I do find it weird though that chemistry is not required. If I could go back I would take it simply because I would enjoy it, but I took physics instead...
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    Why not just take Bio? Where I go to school you have the option of which one of the two to take. I would do it and get it over with.
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    No worries, you can take Bio without having Chem first. I think Chem is helpful before taking Micro (understanding Kreb's cycle) or A&P (acid-base balance, action potentials, etc.). I'd take Bio this summer and then do Chem in the fall. I wouldn't try to cram Chem into a short summer session. It was hard enough in a regular 16 week semester!!!!
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    I took em at the same time. Well chem was the last 8 weeks of the really half of bio was over. No problem.
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    It doesn't matter which you take first, gen bio I and gen chem I have no shared material. You don't need to know anything about one to take the other.
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    I haven't taken gen bio yet, but already took chem, A&P 2 and micro. And I start my nursing classes in the fall. The gen bio class is not a nursing core pre req at my school. I'll take it when it's available in between.
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    I thought it didn't matter, right? I took Ap1 and plan on taking chem this summer & then ap2 again in the fall.

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