Big difference between Fall '14 and Spring '15?

  1. I was planning on taking my pre reqs slow and steady and applying in October '14 for the Spring 2015 BSN program.


    Spring '15 just seems so far away!!! I could cram and try to get in for Fall '14, but is it really that much of a difference?
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  3. by   hodgieRN
    I don't think so. If you cram, you may risk your grades with a heavier class load. If you start in the spring, you can take other classes that you need for graduation (like electives). That way, most of your classes will be nursing only. Don't rush anything unless you are sure that your grades won't suffer.
  4. by   zoe92
    I agree, don't rush. I think also that applying for spring can work in your favor.... Most of the time fall has more applicants & therefore a more competitive applicant pool.
  5. by   loriangel14
    Just a difference of a few months.
  6. by   kplp1111
    I think the biggest difference is whether or not you want too summers or one. That is what convinced me to apply for a fall semester rather than a spring. I only have to worry about getting through one summer instead of worrying about two. I don't plan on working during the summer but there are a few summer internships that I am looking at. And you have to be done with your junior year in order to apply. And those fall through I will work on my minor.
  7. by   ShyeoftheTiger
    I guess it depends on which prerequisites you have left... If it's English, Sociology, and Human Development (in other words, non-science prereqs), then go for it if you feel confident you can do well...

    I'd avoid "cramming" multiple science classes... Maaaybe it would be okay with a science and non-science classes at the same time, but it could mean the difference between keeping your GPA competitive and missing the mark...
  8. by   16mm
    I basically have all of my pre-reqs left. I'll take it slow but you all are making me rethink taking a&p 1&2 over my two part summer. Will that be too much? I plan on memorizing the bones and muscles prior to the start of the semester.

    Thoughts? They will be the only classes I take this summer..
  9. by   16mm
    this is what I wanted to do

    Summer I: A&PI (5 wks)
    Summer II: A&P II (5 wks)

    Fall '13: Eng I, Micro, Nutrtion

    Spring '14: Eng II, Psych, Stats

    Then take the Teas test and apply by Oct '14 for Spring '15
  10. by   ShyeoftheTiger
    Quote from memphismom
    this is what I wanted to do

    Summer I: A&PI (5 wks)
    Summer II: A&P II (5 wks)

    Fall '13: Eng I, Micro, Nutrtion

    Spring '14: Eng II, Psych, Stats

    Then take the Teas test and apply by Oct '14 for Spring '15
    I think that's probably your best shot if you're determined to do it; back-to-back A&P is a lot but it actually might work to your advantage to have it fresh...

    Or what if you did it in reverse order (transposing the English classes of course)

    Fall 13: English I, Psych, Stats
    Spring 14: micro, nutrition, eng II
    Summer 14: A&PI&II?

    Just to keep your science fresh for nursing school...

    If you start with the "fluffy" prereqs you might get a better idea of if you can handle the summer A&P load...
  11. by   zoe92
    Personally I would not recommend the two part summer being filled with A & P. That is JUST me but I know I would be burnt out.
  12. by   kplp1111
    So you would have a semester off before the beginning of nursing school? can you not apply spring 2014 while keeping your same schedule? can you not be in progress? I think I am missing something. And the two part summer idea will be tuff but if you think that with out a shadow of a doubt you are ready then go for it. And studying the bones and muscles would be good. Try and find out if your labs will be done on a cat if so find a catlass from prior semesters and study the crap out of. Blood vessels and arteries are just as hard as bones and muscles so don't leave those out in your early study sessions.
  13. by   16mm
    I have to have all my pre requisites done to apply. So I won't be able to apply until Oct 2014 since I won't finish my pre-reqs until Spring 2014 and will have just missed the deadline of February.
  14. by   16mm
    and I wouldn't take that semester off, I'd fill it up with some other elective courses so when I start the nursing program I only have nursing classes to focus on.