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  1. Okay, so;
    I am enrolled currently in a private university as a bio major. However, this university is very expensive (almost 50k a year!) I just do not see myself going anywhere with a bio major, and all I want in life is to help people in a medical setting (my ultimate goal is to be a rn or eventually become a doctor of nursing who specializes with eating disorder patients)

    However, there is a great nursing program back home that is around 30k for the whole program and I am pretty sure (not too brag or sound unfair...) but I am almost a shoe in to get in with all my references and influences. however, I do feel like people will judge me for leaving after the FIRST semester of my FIRST year of college, take a semester OFF and then go to one of three possible nursing schools back home when I have a perfectly reasonable education coming my way at my university. I know I should not exactly care, but, I have always aspired to be a nurse or another health profession because I want to help people

    note; i am taking the TEAS 6 on saturday and i have been studying my ass off, quizzing myself with at least 150 questions a day from the mometrix manual as well as the practice tests

    But I need hands on and not just them throwing facts about stoichiometry or the cell cycle my way (even though the cell cycle can contribute to cancer...)

    what sounds like the most reasonable option in the opinion of y'all?
    1. go to the very successful and cheaper nursing program I am almost guaranteed to get into
    2. stay at my university and stick with the bio degree, either becoming a PA or anything else (possibly a geneticist)

    since I am technically and adult and can make my own decisions (sadly, lol) but if any of you were in this position, what would you do?
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  3. by   BlueScrub922
    Hi 'madisonlong17',
    I think you should go with your gut on this one. I don't see anything wrong with leaving your FIRST semester of your FIRST year (unless you have to answer to someone who's privately funding your entire college education, then, it might require a little more thought.). Aside from that, go into nursing, help others, and enjoy what you do. You'll thank yourself in the long run.

    I'm struggling with a somewhat similar tough choice. I just hit 28-years at my current job as a Project Manager in the Information Technology (IT) industry and I'm considering moving out of that field and into nursing. Of course, I will be starting from scratch with a local community college for the pre-requisite classes with the intent of joining a nursing program thereafter. I know everyone would probably say, "you can do what you set your mind to... blah blah blah", but I feel my personal struggle is whether a 46 year old male entering this field can be successful and will my presumably wide age gap in the nursing program become an issue. Silly I know, but still valid thoughts.

    I wish you best in deciding for yourself.

  4. by   rob95
    I would choose your first option. People really underestimate smaller Nursing Programs and Community Colleges for so many reasons but if they knew how much money they would be saving to take identical courses there, everyone would attend them. So I'd definitely go with your gut feeling, you can always go back to the other college if it doesn't work out.