1. Hi all,

    I'm sorry to create another post about a "bad GPA," but I've recently been getting worried about my grades. I'm currently an undergraduate at Berkeley majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology, and I never realized how difficult these science classes were becoming and how they are taking a significant toll on my GPA. I just received my final grades back, and I received Cs in two science classes. If I graduate with a poor GPA, lower than 3.0, will I still have a chance to become accepted to an accelerated nursing program? eek.

    Thanks in advance to those who read/reply.

    Frantic and Worried
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  3. by   Kuriin
    Why are you going to school for molecular cell biology when you want to be a nurse? I'm just trying to figure out the correlation between the two. Do you want to do research? You don't say WHICH classes you got Cs in, so I don't know if it will matter or not. But, having a degree with that type of hard science will look good regardless of GPA as long as you got your degree for an accelerated program, or a masters entry program.
  4. by   RunBabyRN
    Look at the programs to see what the GPA requirements are.
    That said, they're competitive. You really need to do what you can to boost your GPA.
    I, too, am confused why you're taking the route in school that you are. I would switch your focus to pre-nursing now if at all possible, and to getting your GPA up ASAP.
  5. by   windsurfer8
    You have to do the work to see what schools will accept. When I was applying to ABSN programs the lowest I ever found for a previous GPA was 2.8. The average seemed to be a minimum of 3.0. However I certainly have not looked at every school in the country. The higher the GPA the more options you have.
  6. by   Peak Curiosity
    Speak to your adviser. Other than that, you should really be getting all A's in all of your classes because now, the nursing program is really competitive.