Asset Placement Test

  1. 0 Does anyone have any info on the Asset Placement Test?
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    Try this link

    I took the computer version called the "COMPASS," It test you in areas of reading comprehension, writing (english usage, spelling, punctuation )math (fractions, percents, add/sub , mult/div) and algebra.
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    I took the Asset last summer. I reviewed the Assett study guide (from our local library) and a bunch of ACT study guides (the same people write both tests) as well. I'm glad I did! It really helped me to be familiar with the types of questions, wording, and how to pace myself time-wise. Plus, it was a great review of info in the grammer and math section.

    The test wasn't terrible- Prepare and review well, but stop a day or two before the test and relax!

    Good luck!

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