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Applying to the nursing program

  1. 0 This semester I had to withdraw from my anatomy class. I was dealing with two losses of family members so I was unable to do the amount of studying needed. I'm applying to the nursing program for the Fall 2013. (I'm taking A&P 1 Spring 2013 and A&P 2 Summer 2013) Should I give them my reasons for having a "W" on my transcript? If so, should I include it in my admissions essay or where would be appropriate?
    Thank you in advance for suggestions!
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    I think it would be a good idea to write about it in your essay or as an additional document. I plan to explain why I did terribly in A & P over the summer and how much better I am doing initial now with an A. It definitely could not hurt your chances.
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    Thank you Zoe92!
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    Where areyou applying for nursing school?