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I really want to work in a hospital setting So my plan B is hospital administration. That's only if I do not getting into nursing program.... How about you guys?... Read More

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    Never had a plan B. Took me 12 years to get my BSN.

    I failed nursing school at 19 in an ADN program. Went to PN school, passed, got licensed, worked and continued to pay for my perquisites our of pocket. Had a few health/life setbacks, got accepted in a BSN program, went straight through, graduated last May, licensed, found a job in 8 months.

    Have a mortgage and still went to nursing school. My total bill of 7 years of nursing schooling ( LPN and BSN) hovers around 50 grand. No worries though, the upfront return is worth it, and will be well worth it after the last payment is paid.

    Even if you have plans, dreams, and the like, LIFE is really in charge- it is up to the person to see through whether their goal is ultimately reached. If you want to be a nurse, you have the power to become also have the power to become and exceptional nurse a be an expert in this field as well. It is up to the one who wants, whether they actually achieve it...please remember that when "life's reminders" come up at every corner in this journey.

    Good Luck everyone!
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    Quote from LadyFree28

    ^WHERE did you get the info where only 8 semesters are "only covered"??? That has been the norm BEFORE our president has been in office. Not to hijack the thread, but once you get out of 8 semesters, you go into another financial aid zone, it doesn't "go away"...You really need to research what you are discussing.
    I was a freshman in college when you were in middle school..the 8 semesters have been around when you were a junior in high school...they changed it looong ago to push students into the student loan business. If anything, there has been expansion for Pells...I was ineligible for YEARS, (based on the 8 semester rule) then I was able to get them again because of the expansion pushed by the POTUS at double the money that it used to be for a 1/2 time student...if anything, the student loan business and legislative representatives are anti Pell, anti Grant, FYI.

    Also, it depends on the school, some still cover up to 15 semesters, especially Bachelor level programs.

    When speaking about loans, grants and info, refer to, which has the requirements, as well as the school your attending, and FACTS.

    On the other hand, your plan B may be getting loans if you need to complete school. Even a small one. Make sure you pay the principle, as well as interest. Keep your budget straight. Nursing school tuition is usually 2-3x MORE than the basic prerequisite tuition. Just a perspective on the REALITIES of our dreams...if this is what you want you can plan around the challenges, it makes us stronger. Good Luck!
    I hope to get used to this app soon. Thank you for the information but you coild have relayed it a little less defensively. I got the information from my financial aid office with a document that stated it was started by obama. Sorry you have been in school for so long.
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    Quote from Katieerin

    I hope to get used to this app soon. Thank you for the information but you coild have relayed it a little less defensively. I got the information from my financial aid office with a document that stated it was started by obama. Sorry you have been in school for so long.
    No defense here...point being, facts matter.

    What's the apology for??? My 12 years of education has netted me a PN Diploma, a Bachelors degree and 2 licenses, and a TON of experience on the Financial Aid side through 3 presidents. Financial Aid can be for your worst or your best...Knowing how much you can borrow, how much grants and need-based scholarships for yourself is more beneficial than leaving it up to the Financial Aid office. Once I researched programs, classes, and financial aid independently from the sources, FinAid.Gov and looked into private scholarships, I was able to stabilize most most my costs when my full-paid scholarship ran out at my community college. I could've returned to the ADN program, but once I saw the benefits independently when the program and the studies were equivalent to four years, I changed my course, had to replace the failing grade for ADN with the LPN, got a private state scholarship and went from there...and it helped when I made the decision to invest in my education through loans for my BSN.

    For me, I saw the benefits in the upfront investment. And I was able to secure a mortgage and a home when I left nursing school the first time. I was even able to secure more property before I started nursing school because of my income and ability to pay my student loans.

    My debt is manageable, and so is my residual income after paying my debts. My 3 credit reports say fair, and I'm OK with that lol.

    I say this all because people get very concerned about financing their education, and will pass on their opportunity to accomplish their goals because of this. I have heard countless stories, including my grandmother, who wanted to become a nurse, yet finances, as well as children, and the era that they lived in, made the barriers to education, especially women soo great. Today, some of those barriers still do exist, but the opportunity outweighs anything else. Seek out scholarships, aim high for a high GPA, do whatever you can. YOU ultimately have the power to make your goals happen.
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    I am glad you have accomplished so much. I am applying for scholarships and i think my biggest fear isn't failing but is the financial aspect. I am looking at having a 4.0 as long as my math class pans out as expected. We definitely come from very low income backgrounds and i just don't want my son to grow up the way my husband and i had to because my husband and i had to dig ourselves out of the hole our parents raised us in.

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