Any Other Mid-Life Students?

  1. Hello all. I'm curious as to whether there are any new nursing students out there who are over 40.

    I find myself, a retired police officer (who has also has worked on and off as a CNA since 1990) looking to go back to school. I am married to a wonderful man who works as a cattleman/cowboy. But due to that, we have no insurance, very little retirement and no guarantee how long his body will stay intact. Subsequently, I am seriously looking at going back to school. I currently work as a manager for a local restaurant. And although I do not base my personal worth on what I do for a living, I believe that I need to do something to help secure our future.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
    Blessings - Kerri
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  3. by   i.see.youRN
    Well, I'm a few years short of 40, but basically in the same boat with you. I have worked with racehorses my entire life and have never had benefits or insurance of any kind. Ditto for my significant other, who is quite a bit older than I. While I love what I do and have had success doing it, tough economic times and two bodies getting tired of working 7 days a week, 365 days a year got me thinking I have to do something.
    I started my nursing prereqs last year and still do the horses on the side. I'm confident all this hard work will mean a more stable future for us.
  4. by   danabsn
    I graduated in 2010 at 39 years old. I stayed at home with my children until they were in junior high and high school before going to school to get my BSN. I did start my pre-reqs online when they were in middle school, but I did my school work while they were in school so I was still available for them. I am now working in a small LTC facility as interim DON and I love it.
  5. by   suzw
    44 here, with a 3 year-old, and almost finished with my pre-reqs- now applying to BSN programs in the area. Husband has a decent job, and I was a medical asst for over 15 years, but I've always wanted to contribute more. Just hope I can get into a program, and when I graduate, get a job!
  6. by   Baubo516
    I am 39 years old and a former music teacher. I started pre-reqs 1 1/2 years ago and I am starting my Associate's Degree nursing program on TUESDAY!!! I will be 41 when I finish in December 2014. There are people of all ages in my nursing class, and I have a friend from church who went through the same program after retiring from a successful career in finance. He is certainly over 50, maybe even 60. I think you will find that there will be students of all ages!
  7. by   garykent
    I started nursing school at 36 and was 40 when I got my license. Personally, I think the "advanced" age is a benefit.
  8. by   daisygarten
    Jumping in the "Experienced" boat! Just applied to the fall program and if all goes well, I will sit for the RN exam at age 43... when my preschooler starts kindergarten. This is my first professional foray into the medical field, I'm a middle school teacher at the moment.
  9. by   friendlyjane
    Oh, I just love post like these. At this time I am 34. I have 3 kiddos 14, 8 and almost 2. I have been a stay at home mom since my oldest was born. Before that I was a LVN for about a 1 1/2 years. I started out at 19 years old. I bet some patients were scared to have me as a nurse. I must of looked like a baby. So I really don't remember much. I did not have enough time as a LVN to make much or anything stick. Anyway, I love staying home with my kiddos and never kept up with my LVN liecence bc I never used it. I got reinspired to get my RN again after I spent 2 months in the hospital trying to save my youngest child while pregnant with him. I was on strict bedrest, laying flat in the bed to get him here at a safer time. We lost 2 daughters before because they were born to soon to save them. Rose and Allison. They were beautiful. My struggles with losing my daughters and spending 2 months on my back with the most awesome nurses in the world and 6 weeks with my son in the NICU gave me the passion to get my BSN. I am working on my prereqs but I will not apply for nursing school until my youngest goes to kinder. That is just the stay at home mom in me. He is my last one and I just love this time with him. So when I graduate from nursing school I will be almost 40. I think age and life adds so much to what kind of nurses we can be. Good luck gals/guys on y'alls journey. I just pray on getting a job after school. That part scares me!
  10. by   Alisonisayoshi
    33 and 2 kids here! Left a good career for this and am never looking back!
  11. by   LVN/RNBridge
    Mid life here , mother of two. The baby is in high school which is perfect for my return to school. I have been an LVN for a little over a year and start my ASN program next week! I started out as a CNA, worked for four years, but decided to follow my other dream. Since I have been incredibly blessed accomplishing all of my former career goals, I decided it was time to go back to school and start working toward my second dream with it's own list of goals. It's never to late!

    Best of luck in the future!
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  12. by   SopranoKris
    I'm in my 40s. There's quite a few of us on here, so you're in good company I'm returning to school to pursue my dream after getting laid off from a 17 year career.
  13. by   backinschool50s
    I am 50 I've been in and out of school for a few years due to helping raise grandkids. I've done what I can to get as many classes done as possible. I was on the LPN route, but recently I was told due to my gpa and all the xtra classes I was able to take online while also helping raise the grands I qualified for the RN program. So I will be almost 51 when I begin clinicals beginning Jan 2014. I've noticed there are many like me out there and for anyone who thinks they are too old to do this, just do it!!!
  14. by   svckxb01
    Yep, like someone else said, lots of mid-lifers here so you're in good company. Hope to start RN program in the fall at 43. I was intimidated when I first started school but there were so many students around my age or older. It only takes one step to get started. Good luck!