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    Today I had my second A&P test and failed it one point lower than my first one. I got a 54 on the first and a 53 on the second. Is there ANY advice you would give? I studied much harder on the second test and feel I would have gotten at least at 70. I really like anatomy but I don't know what i'm doing wrong. ANY advice would be appreciated!

    I talked to my professor after the first test and he offered advice and I took his advice, I even went to a tutor...I feel like i'm out of options.

    Thank you!

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    What did the professor say?
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    Well the average was a 60% so, he just offered different study tips for a visual learner (what I am) and that was it.
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    Do you make flashcards, use a coloring book, study in chunks, rewrite/organize notes, quiz yourself, study in a group? You need to find out what actually works for you. How are the exams set up (multiple choice, essay)?
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    Hi I have some advice for you. Study 1-2 hours each day after work or whenever you're free. Don't try to learn it all in 1-2 weeks before the exam.

    Also, try to stay on track with the professor, meaning after she/he completes a certain section, know that section by the next time you have class. For example, if your class is every Wednesday and the teacher covers one chapter, know that 1 chapter by the next Wednesday. You should be able to do this studying 1-2 hours a day. I do this and I work full time.

    This is what I do and I got an A in A&PI and I expect an A in A&P II. Even now, I have my next exam on next Wednesday. While most ppl in my class are prob cramming their butts off, I am relaxing because I already know the material by keeping up with the prof. All I'm doing right now is just repeatedly testing myself on the material up until next Wednesday. The 1-2 hours a day really pays off come test time. Hope this helps
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    I'd go to his office hours and ask him to go over the test with you to help you look for patterns in what kinds of things you missed.
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    Does your professor give powerpoints prior to classes? If so, I would read them over before that lecture so that you can anticipate the areas that you'll have questions in so you can ask during class. I found lots of good flashcard sets on (there's also a quizlet app that I used on my droid, which was awesome for quick review in those moments of downtime)
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    Flashcards really helped me in A&P 1. It's a little more difficult to organize them in A&P 2, but really - they are a godsend. I made an A in the class, and just writing them and looking at them helped. try punching holes in the corner and carry them on a large ring so you can bring them wherever you go, where you may have a second to study.

    Record the lectures. Listen to them while you're going over your notes at night. Even though you're a visual learner, just repeating those key points may help, too.
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    thought of something else...since you're a visual learner, I'd suggest hading to youtube and looking for video/cartoons of the things you're struggling with. There are some seriously fabulous videos that I watched over and over again, and come test time, I literally could replay the video in my head!
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    Thanks for all the advice. I don't have a problem understanding everything, it's just studying all the material I guess. He gives out power points, and from the power points I rewrite my notes in color and then make flash cards on them.
    Zoe 92- I have two color books, I make flashcards, I rewrite the notes, and use the cd that comes with the book.
    Health care analyst- thanks a lot! I'm going to try that. :-)

    Next semester I'm going to retake the class at a community college. I think one thing that I don't like is having 300 to 400 students in the class. It's very hard to focus. Maybe at a community college I can get more one-on-one with the professor.
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