ANY advice on A&P

  1. Today I had my second A&P test and failed it one point lower than my first one. I got a 54 on the first and a 53 on the second. Is there ANY advice you would give? I studied much harder on the second test and feel I would have gotten at least at 70. I really like anatomy but I don't know what i'm doing wrong. ANY advice would be appreciated!

    I talked to my professor after the first test and he offered advice and I took his advice, I even went to a tutor...I feel like i'm out of options.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Saysfaa
    What did the professor say?
  4. by   havehope
    Well the average was a 60% so, he just offered different study tips for a visual learner (what I am) and that was it.
  5. by   zoe92
    Do you make flashcards, use a coloring book, study in chunks, rewrite/organize notes, quiz yourself, study in a group? You need to find out what actually works for you. How are the exams set up (multiple choice, essay)?
  6. by   health care analyst
    Hi I have some advice for you. Study 1-2 hours each day after work or whenever you're free. Don't try to learn it all in 1-2 weeks before the exam.

    Also, try to stay on track with the professor, meaning after she/he completes a certain section, know that section by the next time you have class. For example, if your class is every Wednesday and the teacher covers one chapter, know that 1 chapter by the next Wednesday. You should be able to do this studying 1-2 hours a day. I do this and I work full time.

    This is what I do and I got an A in A&PI and I expect an A in A&P II. Even now, I have my next exam on next Wednesday. While most ppl in my class are prob cramming their butts off, I am relaxing because I already know the material by keeping up with the prof. All I'm doing right now is just repeatedly testing myself on the material up until next Wednesday. The 1-2 hours a day really pays off come test time. Hope this helps
  7. by   Saysfaa
    I'd go to his office hours and ask him to go over the test with you to help you look for patterns in what kinds of things you missed.
  8. by   4boysmama
    Does your professor give powerpoints prior to classes? If so, I would read them over before that lecture so that you can anticipate the areas that you'll have questions in so you can ask during class. I found lots of good flashcard sets on (there's also a quizlet app that I used on my droid, which was awesome for quick review in those moments of downtime)
  9. by   ShannonBerry11
    Flashcards really helped me in A&P 1. It's a little more difficult to organize them in A&P 2, but really - they are a godsend. I made an A in the class, and just writing them and looking at them helped. try punching holes in the corner and carry them on a large ring so you can bring them wherever you go, where you may have a second to study.

    Record the lectures. Listen to them while you're going over your notes at night. Even though you're a visual learner, just repeating those key points may help, too.
  10. by   4boysmama
    thought of something else...since you're a visual learner, I'd suggest hading to youtube and looking for video/cartoons of the things you're struggling with. There are some seriously fabulous videos that I watched over and over again, and come test time, I literally could replay the video in my head!
  11. by   havehope
    Thanks for all the advice. I don't have a problem understanding everything, it's just studying all the material I guess. He gives out power points, and from the power points I rewrite my notes in color and then make flash cards on them.
    Zoe 92- I have two color books, I make flashcards, I rewrite the notes, and use the cd that comes with the book.
    Health care analyst- thanks a lot! I'm going to try that. :-)

    Next semester I'm going to retake the class at a community college. I think one thing that I don't like is having 300 to 400 students in the class. It's very hard to focus. Maybe at a community college I can get more one-on-one with the professor.
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  12. by   LAJJmom
    I took just Anatomy by itself and had an awful professor. I was also in Chemistry and Human Nutrition. I ended up dropping the Anatomy class because I had a chance at good grades in the other 2. Anyway, I took A&P the next semester with a better professor. I studied in a group. Our library had access to the same models the professor used so we would check them out and quiz each other. Both classes were at a local community college. I ended up with a B. You will find what works for you! Good luck.
  13. by   zoe92
    @Havehope, I was in a 4 year state school but transferred to a community college to actually get into pre req classes. I love it so much more because classes are smaller and I have more class times to choose from. I also love not having all these 300/400 level students in there. And I really love actually knowing my professor! At my four year school it was all T.A.s
  14. by   Streamline2010
    Anatomy is just mostly rote memorization of body parts and names. Go over & over it until you have memorized and you remember what's what. I think the biggest problem with A&P for most people is that they are just not accustomed to so much tedious drill and rote. But get the stuff nailed down now, because it will save you so much effort later when you have to apply it to nursing. True, you get reviews of A&P in RN school, but the more of it you have in your head going into RN classes, the less time you'll have to spend reviewing, and that's more time to concentrate on the nursing content.

    I don't think it matters a whole lot who the prof is, because this is not a spectator sport, hehe. You just have to drill and drill and memorize it, and that you can do on your own. Knowing the meanings of Latin roots for words is helpful, too, but not completely necessary.