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Anatomy and Physiology LAB grade??

  1. 0 Hello!! This is my first post here as I am new to to "All Nurses"

    Just a quick question... Today was my final exam for anatomy and physiology I LAB. I did pretty good on the quizzes but the final is 50% of our grade. Honestly, this was the most awful final I've ever taken in my life. It was unfair and poorly prepared. I have a 3.91 GPA and received an A in anatomy and physiology I class. I am also a straight A student. I just calculated my grade and turns out I will be getting my first C ever since I started college in this lab. Will this hinder me from getting into any nursing schools? Should I retake the lab?

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    Most Schools want a C+ in A&PI and II, some will accept a C. I received a C+ in A&P II and a B+ in A&P I. I was accepted into my nursing program with these grades. You should check the minimum acceptable grade for this class for the programs you are looking to apply to.
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    Check into the gpa requirement for the science courses in whichever program you're going into. My school only accepted A or B in science courses/lab. Every program is different. Best of luck.
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    Quote from Aspirational Beauty
    Most Schools want a C+ in A&PI and II.
    This. Also, check to make sure your lab grade is counted separately, or if it's combined with your lecture grade. Both my lecture and lab A&P grades were combined for one semester grade.
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    Thanks guys. I'm just upset. I feel like I need to get straight A's in every class now even though my GPA is high...
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    Don't worry, you will be able to recover. Both Corrine and erilindsey are right; you need to check your desired programs' admissions requirements for GPA, prerequisite minimum grades, and see if your lab is a separate grade from your lecture grade. I have done all of my lab sciences (Micro, AP 1 and 2, and CHM) in 6 months, and all of mine had one grade assigned to each. The lab grade was factored into the final "lecture" grade.

    I attend ASU and already have a bachelor's degree, and I am the first to tell you that I COMPLETELY RELATE TO HOW YOU FEEL
    My program requires a minimum select GPA of 3.5 to even be considered! So relax, take a deep breath, get the information on those points, and assess what the next step may be. You'll get through it!
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    There are some schools like mine that will accept a minimum of 3.0 for prereqs and a minimum of 3.0 in all college work. In this case you can try and pull up your remaining prereq grades to above 3.0. Keep in mind that some schools are starting not to accept a higher grade for a repeated prereq class. As you have been advised, check with the schools you are interested to join. Do not give up though, pull up your socks in your remaining classes. All the best
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    Thank you guys. I applied to Nova, Barry, and FIU. I have an interview for NOVA tomorrow.. super nervous.