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Hello All!! I'm starting my nursing journey as an Pre-Nursing student- RN. Did you start out in the nursing program or did you do your pre-req's first? Did you get into the program the first try?... Read More

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    My program won't consider you until you have some of the prereqs done, and you can't start unless you've finished them all. I did my prereqs, and I got in on the first try.
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    Congrats fl765. Hope all is going well
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    At my school you have to have certain prereqs done before applying and the rest must be done before getting into the program. I applied at the end of March, they then had to wait on my Psych 101 grade before making any decisions. I should find out in a couple of weeks whether I made it or not and then it is contingent on me at least getting a C in college algebra this summer.
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    Wishing you well Heathermaizey
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    I have applied to my school nursing program on May 12 and still waiting for a yes or no. I have all of my prereqs done except Bio 201 and was planning to take it today but I am going to wait since I was looking for an online class. So I will start back up on August so I might have to wait until next year to apply again for the nursing program
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    My ADN program allows you to do pre-reqs during the program (in theory) but because there are SO MANY people applying, if you dont have them done beforehand, you pretty much dont get in unless you have something else major going for you. For my BSN program, you have to get them all done first.

    I am getting all mine done before! I just want to focus on nursing once I get in the program!
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    The school I am at only allows applicants after we did our pre-requisite classes
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    I was admitted early to a BSN RN at a public 4 year university right out of high school! In order to keep my acceptance I must finish all my pre-reqs (and get at least a C in them) and keep a 3.0 overall GPA. So two years of pre-reqs then two years of nursing school!! (Not everybody is accepted early- it's very competitive. If you aren't accepted early you must complete all pre-reqs and them apply after sophomore year)
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    It's so interesting to hear everybody else's situations!
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    I am taking some classes to get credit for when I start LPN classes next fall. I was hoping too start this fall, but didn't get my paperwork in in time. Hopefully doing this will make my application more competitive in the sea of applicants! However, for 6 credits, it's nearly 2.5k... One semester, two classes and they told me the college I plan to transfer to is more expensive... sooo anxious...

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