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Algebra! Helpful sites...please!

  1. 0 I am in my third week of classes and I'm dying!! I would rather do AP any day compared to this class! I did OK (85%) on the extra credit review quiz, but come the first real test I am lucky to have pulled off a B. I want desperately to get an A in this class but looking ahead I think I am going to be lucky to get a D. I bought a subscription to a math video site ( but I think they are missing some chapters and I am trying to get prepared now. Does anyone have any good sites in mind to use? Videos are best (I love youtube), but wondering if anyone has any algebra resources they are willing to share with me.
    Thanks so much!
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    I went to tutor vista for online tutoring- I held out for the final offer and got a better price- it help me pass with a A good luck or you could try the on campus tutoring center
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    Hi I think Teacher Tube is wonderful for math
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    #3 1 just click on what algebra book you have.It goes by the same chapters that are in your book,so if you are having trouble with one part of that chapter you can find it.Good Luck
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    this website helps soo much!! I'm always referring to it ughh I don't think i did too great on a math test today :/
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    Try these they helped me and I am mathematically challenged. I ended up with A's in both my algebra classes!
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    I found purplemath really helpful.
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    #7 2 Great website that picks up where your weakness exists. Provides a quiz to support each learning aspect. All grades of math and a great refresher.