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Advice on A&P

  1. 0 I'm taking A&P1 & 2 (speed course) this semester. This weekend I need to learn muscles and all the chemical reactions to go along with muscles. Test on Monday (quiz) big test on Wednesday. Any advice how to retain muscles?
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    Flash cards really help with the memorization
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    This is going to sound crazy, but you know that song... "knee bone connected to the, leg bone! Leg bone connected to the, hip bone!"
    I made up my own song to remember muscles and neurotransmitters...
    I basically just sang my notes and made flash cards and flow charts/tree diagrams of the chemical reactions lol
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    If you have to memorize location print off an unlabeled picture, put it in a sheet protector, and label the parts over and over again using a dry erase marker. That's really been helping me with memorizing location!
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    They have A&P apps for the iPhone. Also audible books you could listen to.
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    make flash cards post them on the wall in your bathroom kitchen and bedroom, muscles was very straight forward for me though i just read the notes repeatedly.
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    Thanks everyone
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    Get hands on with the models. That helps me a lot. I just keep on writing down thes steps
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    Quote from baja_blast1
    Get hands on with the models. That helps me a lot. I just keep on writing down thes steps
    This was absolutely necessary for me. I had to go to lab, touch them, pull the top muscles off to reveal the inside muscles. It was the only way I could learn. I only had to do that with bones and muscles, everything else was lots of memorization.
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    Thanks for the advice. Took the lab exam today. Missed one question but it was still a "A" so I'll take it. Wednesday is a huge lecture exam over the muscles. Then on to nerves & test on Monday for nerves. Very fast paced and overwhelming at times