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Accreditation help!

  1. 0 I am a pre nursing student waiting on a wait list and two lottery programs in sacramento ca. I recently realized that all of these school are not NLNAC or CCNE ( I think those are the acronyms!) accredited but they are all on the board of registered nursing as being approved programs. Why are none of the community colleges in my area accredited and what does this mean?? I know people who have passed the programs and are working at area hospitals too...
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    Accreditation is important. It provides a slight bit of uniformity across the nation of how nurses are being educated.

    If you what to eventually pursue becoming an advanced practice registered nurse, many schools will not accept grads of non-accredited schools.
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    I would stay away from those schools. Go to the NLNAC and CCNE websites to search for accredited schools in your area.

    Good luck to you!