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Acceptance Letter??

  1. 0 My friend and I who live in the same small town both applied to the Spring 2014 RN program at a nearby community college - we both did awesome on the TEASV and have good GPAs. She got her letter of acceptance into the program yesterday and I still haven't received ANYTHING! I'm going a little nuts.

    Does anyone know anything about the acceptance letter process or why one person might get theirs before another person? Or should I just expect a rejection letter instead?

    I have a Plan B for if I didn't get in this time around, so I'll be fine. The not knowing is what's killing me!
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    Could be a number of reasons. They are sending out the letters alphabetically or random and hers was closer to the top than yours, hers could have been mailed out one day and yours the next day, they were mailed out at the same time and somehow yours took a different path. If you haven't gotten it in a week then call the school.

    We were sent an email from the college of nursing first with all things that needed done before start of school, then a letter in the mail later in the week.
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    What school?
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    My school sent out emails (first time they've done it this way) only to acceptance and then hard copy letters came in about 3-4 days later to everyone (acceptance, waitlist & rejection). Hang in there and STALK THE POSTMAN lol
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    I GOT IN!!! My acceptance letter was lost in the mail, and they called me today to ask if I had gotten it. PHEW! I'm in!
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    what school?
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    I GOT in!!! I got innnnnnnnnnn!!! Praise be to God, I received an acceptance e-mail. So happy/grateful/thankful...all the best to you guys.
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    Yay!!! Congratulations I can't wait to feel that feeling!!
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    Quote from 7237dallas
    Yay!!! Congratulations I can't wait to feel that feeling!!
    It's the best it while in the street walking home, nearly fainted. I cried, ppl may have thought I was a wacka-doo. Lol I pray the same for you, honestly.
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    Thank youuuuuuuuu... ;^)
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    Thank you, thank you...