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  1. I'm thinking about going into an ABSN program or a non-nursing bachelors to APN program after finishing my BS in kinesiology this semester. I'm looking at a couple of options for both, but I'm leaning more towards ABSN to start with. I eventually want to work towards an APN, but I think ABSN will get me an idea of what I will be getting myself into, before I commit to a grad program that will cost me a ton of cash. Also, I've heard hospitals will sometimes reimburse you partially for tuition for grad school when you work there.

    That being said, the schools I'm looking at are freaking expensive. The main one I'm considering is 46K. I'll have only 6k or so in loans to pay back from my current BS, and that was for four years. They want 46K for 15 months! I think it's a little outrageous, but maybe this is relatively normal. What are all of your experiences with cost of ABSN programs? Any suggestions on what I should do?
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  3. by   CareQueen
    I assume when you reference an APN program, you are speaking of a direct-entry Masters? That's the only program I know of that will allow you to become an advanced practice nurse (along with direct care experience), with a non-nursing Bachelors, although I may be wrong.

    My ultimate reason for choosing the ABSN route as opposed to the Direct Entry Masters route was the fact that Nursing will be an entirely new profession for me. I figured it made more sense to actually graduate with the ABSN and work in the field for at least a year to see if I even liked it before I committed myself to further education within it. You may want to think about that before deciding, although some(not all, but some) Direct Entry MSN or Combined BSN/MSN programs will allow you to pull out of the MSN portion of the program if you decide that you only want the BSN after all.

    In any case, maybe it's just me, but $46K doesn't seem to be that expensive. My ABSN program will be $68k for the tuition alone, and total cost of the program is somewhere closer to the $100K mark for a 17-month program. Now that is outrageous no doubt, but it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I will find the money to pay for it if it's the last thing I do.

    Best of luck to you!
  4. by   queserasera
    For myself personally I'd chose a entry to practice masters. For example university of Maryland offers a clinical nursing leader masters degree that you sit for the NCLEX and as a bonus know everything a BSN prepared nurse knows but you already have a masters. I know if I'd already had a b.a/b.s in something I'd want a masters next and would only justify spending the money on a higher degree!

    A state school absn shouldn't cost more than 30,000. It just seems criminal!
  5. by   WoundedBird
    I'm beginning a grad entry masters program in June with a similar background to you (BS in athletic training and 5 years as an ATC) and I feel we'll prepared for the program because of my undergrad work. Sure everybody has A&P and the like as pre-reqs, but having the biomechanics, ex phys, and other similar classes helps even more because of knowing the human body that well.

    And I haven't seen the updated fee tables for my program, but I'm looking at $6K/semester at the high end.

    Let me know if you have any questions!
  6. by   SycamoreGuy
    Generally ABSN programs cost as much as the 3 - 4 semesters of tuition for any other undergrad program. So at state schools it will be cheaper and private schools will be more.