about to start but not ready.

  1. hi everybody,

    i'm about to start my taking my pre-reqs this fall 2012 and i've been goofing around for the last 4 years. so i don't know if i'm gonna do well in class this is the first time that i will be attending college. these past few days i'm concerned that i might get left behind in class, cause honestly i barely remember stuffs i used know way back. i wanted to browse some of my previous book and lectures but unfortunately i don't have them anymore.

    i already planned what i need to do for the next 4 -5 years to get my adn/bsn all i need is proper execution of that plan. what i mean about proper execution is i need to get a's in every single one of my pre reqs a's not b's (sorry im just being optimistic and i badly need it for the point system in our cc). so what i'm asking is that do you have any tips and advice on what should i do to get ready to harvest all of those a's?? i would really appreciate it if you do.

    btw here are the list of classes that i would probably be taking this fall2012(i haven't registered yet,)
    *math020c ( i think this is elementary math lol)
    *esl185 ( english as secondary language * since im not originally from the us but have my legal documents)
    *mus101c ( i think i dont have to worry about this one)

    thank you very much in advance and i know someone will help me cause this is an awesome si[color=#00ff00]te with awesome people in it.)
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  3. by   SopranoKris
    The "trick" to getting A's? Organize yourself, study and do your homework. Participate in class, ask good questions and think of school as your job (in a good way!)

    I'm taking 4 classes this summer and 6 in the fall, so I'm using an organizational planner to map out my daily schedule and that includes allotting time for study & homework. I added up my classroom hours for the summer and I'll be in the classroom 30 hours per week. Which means I'm going to need to study/do homework at least an additional 30 hours per week.

    When you map it all out on paper, it's easier to see at a glance what you need to do. Now all I have to do is fill in my assignments as I get them and I can stay on top of my coursework. I'm determined to get all A's, too

    Just keep telling yourself that you CAN do it!

    Good luck!
  4. by   cscb2003
    I second what SopranoKris posted. You will have to put some effort into your studies. It def takes commitment, which it sounds like you have. You can get all A's, you'll just have to work hard. You may have to come back and read your post when it seems like you just can't stand any more studying and remind yourself how much you want this. I wish you all the best!!