A&P2 Micro & Nutrition if taken together will I survive? /

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    I will be a sophomore this upcoming fall and have taken no science pre reqs. I however have taken some requirements such as psych & anthropology both easy A's for me. I'm scheduled to take A&p and Chem in the fall but I want to know if Chem 2 is a pre request for anybody on here and also is it going to be hard to take A&p2 Micro and possibly chemistry 2 all in at once come spring semester? If I did I honestly wouldn't even take any other classes but those three just so I dnt damage my brain haha. For anyone who thinks it will be too much another question is how do you feel about the combination of A&p2 Micro and Nutrition? I'm not quite sure if Chemistry 2 is a requirement at all the schools I'm looking to transfer to, that's why I ask. Thanks in advance :-D

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    For the nursing schools in my state, you need 5 sciences. A&P 1, A&P 2, General Biology, Chemistry, & Microbiology. I took A&P 1 and Biology at the same time last semester and did great. I think 2 sciences a semester is doable but three?? I'm not so sure. However, only you know what you're capable of. But do not get in over your head. I am planning on taking Chemistry, Microbiology, Statistics, and Nutrition all in one sesmester! So Pray for me!!! To answer your question, Chemistry 2 is not required at most programs I know of. Only Chemistry 1! Though ALL nursing schools vary so look into that! Yes, I think you can do it! I'm a very optimistic person and I like to be realistic at the same time! Take A&P 2, Microbiology, and Nutrition at the same time!
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    Chem 2 was not a pre-requisite for me. A&P and Chem together should be doable, just be prepared to study a lot. Doing Micro, A&P2 and Nutrition together would also be doable, but again.. be prepared to study your butt off. A lot of these science classes overlap, in the sense of you learn about a lot of the same things from different angles. You might want to talk to an adviser at your school as well, to see what they recommend. Good luck!!
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    Depends on you. If you like to study and read, then you shouldn't have any trouble passing those classes.
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    It depends so much on the school, instructor, and student. There was no chem prereq for me at all, although I took it years ago anyway...and based on that...I would say A&P 2, microbio, and chem would be VERY rough. I did A&P 2 and microbio in the spring...no other classes...and it was the most stressful semester I have ever had (I have been in school a pretty long time due to me changing my major a thousand times). Can't imagine adding another lab science to that. So, if you can, I would go for A&P 2, microbio, and nutrition. Nutrition was pretty easy in my experience.
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    It depends on the type of student you are and how much free time you have to devote to your studies. I'm taking 6 classes next semester (), but I also have the luxury of not having to work while going to school, nor do I have young kids at home (they're all grown, or semi-grown )

    You'll need to check with the schools you want to apply to in order to determine if you need Chem 2. If you're going on for a BSN, many programs require Gen Chem and either Organic Chem or Bio Chem. Again, just depends on your program.

    Good luck!!!
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    Can't comment on Chem 2, as I don't know what that is, where you are.

    Took A&P2, and Micro, in Spring semester, despite my advisor's saying that would be a very heavy schedule. He was right.

    Nutrition--depends. Tried this a year ago, as a totally on-line course. VERY heavy load, just by itself. Redoing this summer, as a lecture class. Piece of cake, even if that's not all that nutritious.
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    Where I'm at, they don't combine A&P. So I took Physiology, Nutrition and Micro. I got A's and it worked out because all the info ties into together.
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    Last semester I took A&P1, micro and nutrition all at the same time. Honestly, my nutrition was super easy and I got an A, unfortunately, I don't think I learned anything. My A&P and micro were really hard though. I was studying constantly for both of them.

    I don't need chemistry as one of my prereqs so I haven't taken in. I would just recommended that you try to figure out what your personal limit is. If you're also volunteering regularly or working then I think A&P, micro, and chem might be overkill. But, again, just try to figure out what you personally can handle a semester and I know you do amazing.

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