A&P 1 Fall 2013

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    Tomorrow is the first day of school and I am taking A&P 1 this semester. I was all excited and ready to go before but now I am flooded with anxiety. I have already tried to prepare myself by reading ahead but I also want to start a support thread for those taking this class as well or hear from others who have already taken the class (that always helps).

    Wishing everyone much success this semester!

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    A&P I was just a little tricky for me; however my professor was no joke. He held his doctorates in physiology and believed that to learn the material a student must teach themselves the bulk of it. He, of course, gave concise lectures full of important details, but in the end, the main concepts and learning the lab were up to us. This method definitely taught me how to study and learn from a book but did make the class much harder, than I believe, it had to be. I did just fine though and think I am a better student thanks to that guy. He really was an amazing instructor.

    My most useful tips include never falling behind, do work as it is doled out to you. Read before class! It's incredible how long I went without reading the text book before lecture. It really does help and will at least help you understand what is going on. If there is only one piece of advice you follow READ BEFORE LECTURE. Don't take notes, just read. Don't be afraid to ask questions in class, even if it risks you looking like you don't know something. That is OKAY, that is the beautiful thing about a classroom is everyone is there to learn. Ask questions so you have your pieces of the puzzle to complete YOUR picture. Lastly, exhaust all your resources. If your professor has office hours, use them. If your school offers supplemental instruction (or any other tutoring) use it! You can never be OVER prepared.

    Great luck to you, and I'm sure you'll do great!
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    Hi, I'm taking A&P I as well. Tomorrow will be the start of week 2 for me. I was the same way before I started. So far it doesn't seem like it will be too bad (although we haven't got into much material yet), but what I have noticed is you MUST stay on top of the work.

    Good luck to you & everyone else taking classes this semester!
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    I took a&p 1 last semester and due to my horrible professor I now am retaking it this semester. For me, I need a good professor. I need someone who wants to help you and breaks down the material. My last professor refused to discuss your grades and only taught from the pictures in the book. I studied 3 hours every day and 6 hours when a test was coming up. I knew the material but his tests made no sense. Needless to say I received a C. This semester I signed up with a professor who is awesome according to ratemyprofessors.com. You do need to stay on top of the material. Even if it makes no sense as you are reading it. I bought kaplans flash cards. Honestly I barely used them. I downloaded anatomy apps on my phone and used them more. I also went to tutoring a lot. And one thing that I'm so glad I did was meet up with other classmates before a test was coming up. If you can teach the material you learned then you know your stuff. Having other classmates teach you also helps you learn. Sometimes you may think you know something and it turns out you may not. Just stay on top of the material and study with other classmates. Take notes and ask questions. Use YouTube and flash cards. Try not to stress (I know that's almost impossible) but keep your eye on tht A and you'll get there. Good luck!
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    Hi, I have already had the class but can offer some advice. First thing, don't fall behind!!! Try to set aside time everyday to study and complete assignments. Second thing, each chapter builds off the previous chapter. It is important to have a good foundation of understanding in place before moving on to the next chapter. Last thing, if you get flustered or frustrated while studying, just put the book down for an hour or so then come back to it :-)
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    I start tomorrow for A&P 1. Little nervous but anxious at the same time to get it over with. Already starting to read ahead because i know it's going to help me with so much information you have to know. I was a person too that never read before classes and looked lost while in the class. Be on top of your work, make time to study everyday, write down good notes in class. That what i'm going to do anyways. Some people don't need as much time to study. Lol i'm not one of those person, so i'm going to be in that book every day. Good luck everyone
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    I don't start A&P 1 until Sept 7th so my anxiety keeps growing about the class! I am taking it as a Saturday class so it is a 5 hour lecture/lab. I took A&P 1 in high school 5 years ago and got a C in the class (it was my last class of the day, as a second semester senior so needless to say I didn't spend as much time in the class as I should have). I've already started to read the book because I can only imagine how much information we are going to get in one class! Everyone I've spoken to said to atleast preview the information before going to class. It is going to take a lot of time management to not get behind in a class that is only one day a week!

    Also I found this post : http://allnurses.com/pre-nursing-stu...my-334360.html and I've save the study guides attached so I could use them as additional resources for my class!
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    I actually think as long as you stay on top of it, A&P is not as bad as the hype that proceeds it :-)
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    Tomorrow starts off my second week in Human A&P I.
    I'm just staying on top of any and all homework I get from the course, and I plan on doing some pre-tests tonight since we're covering chapters one and two.

    I really dislike the chemistry aspect within chapter two. I might have to see the professor during office hours to get extra help. As far as chapter one goes, I'm having to remember all those terms like posterior, anterior, superficial, deep, etc.
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    I start A&P on the 27th and I am so nervous. I have heard so many things about how this class is considered a weed out class that it is making me nervous. Thankfully I have a good teacher.

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