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Hi everyone, Who here is applying for 2014? What schools are you applying to?. I am applying to BHCC for their weekend program, RCC for their evening program, and Massasoit for their evening... Read More

  1. by   bloodorange
    I just started doing my pre-reqs at BMCC and had been planning to sloooowly do night/weekend ADN and then follow it up with a part-time BSN somewhere, but the reality of the situation (I'm almost 30 and this would take 5+ years) led me to think more about putting the pedal to the metal and applying for one or more ABSN programs. I should be able to squeak in with the needed pre-reqs to apply to Stony Brook ABSN this fall, so what the hell, I'm gonna do it! Good luck, everyone!!
  2. by   MyOwnBlueSky
    Nashville Tn here. Applying to Fall 2014 BSN program (8 more classes to go)... Spring 2016 graduate. My dreams are coming true!
  3. by   jesslynn_85
    I'm applying for the Spring 2014 semester at my local community college here in South Carolina. There are 2 community colleges within driving distance so I may apply to both to increase my chances. I'm currently in A&P 1 and need to take A&P 2 in the summer in order to apply so the pressure is on. Good luck to everyone!
  4. by   MissyBee4983
    I'm applying this spring with hopes to start spring 2014 as well. My school is revamping the nursing program to make it so that we can earn not just an AS but a BSN. So we are waiting on the finalization of that... Hoping soon I'll know more!!
  5. by   __patiently_waiting
    Im in GA and I am also applying for either Spring or Fall 2014. My advisor told me I can double up and apply in Spring 2014 or go my same pace and apply for fall. Since the nursing school Im applying to is very competitive i'll most likely wait until Fall. I also completed CNA training in high school, but Im not using it. Good luck on your application!
  6. by   acmj
    I'm in TX and looking to UTMB and UTHouston's accelerated programs as I already have a BA. I am also applying to the AEMSN at University of Texas. My ultimate goal is to become a CNM or DNP in Nurse-Midwifery though, so I am looking at some AE options there. Would love to hear from others that might be in the same boat!
  7. by   45whenimdone
    SoCal applying in Spring for Fall acceptance to an ADN and BSN program...
    I have until August 15th to apply for Spring 2014 clinicals in a BSN program. That makes me nervous just typing it!! I will need to take four courses this fall (August 2013) before I can begin clinicals, which means I will get my letter (acceptance or rejection) halfway through the semester. I can't imagine how I will get through the courses if I am rejected, that would be brutal, so here's hoping I don't have to worry about that I have a lot of anxiety about this process, but I'm trying to force myself to take it one day at a time! I did get accepted to this program in October 2012, but decided to decline the offer and wait until my youngest goes to Kindergarten this August, so that makes me feel hopeful that I can get accepted again (but it's not guarenteed). Best wishes to all of you on your journeys!
  9. by   believing for favor
    If you dont mind me asking what are you current gpa and teas? What ahve you been tol you need in order to be competitive. I would like to apply but still need to take new version of teas which i heard was harder. I looked for a thread for just ucf but couldnt find one.
  10. by   MissyBee4983
    Mine is currently 4.0 but we are wrapping up the semester soon, hoping to keep my GPA where it is and it's looking good. I'll probably be starting fall 2014 due to some changes to the program, and am attending an info session tomorrow.
  11. by   ourgirls
    i am applying at dccc,widener,ccp, and neumann...lol
  12. by   jennco
    I'm in Colorado Springs, I'm applying to programs at pikes peak cc and pueblo cc for fall 2014.
  13. by   unionnurse12
    I received my first rejection letter the week after spring break in 2011...I got the letter on a Friday and I had a stats test on that monday. To make matters worse I was the only person NOT accepted into the program 61 applied 60 made it!