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Why you shouldn’t become a nurse practitioner. There are many reasons why people should not become nurse practitioners. I will outline a short article stating why YOU should NOT pursue a nurse practitioner degree, EVEN if... Read More

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    After reading the original post and few replies, I can say I really enjoyed the perspective as a non-nursing undergrad who wants to be a NP. It reminded me of all the reason I want to be an NP verses other professions including RN. So many students want to finish up school and get on the fast track to NP and do not take the time to research all the details. but I want to work my way from CNA to NP and enjoy every step. I don't just want to graduate and become a NP, I want to spend time working at every level so I can have the best perspective of my patients when I reach NP. Hopefully this mindset will help me become the best practitioner that I can be
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    I'll just add in my 2 cents. I am currently enrolled at chamberlain college of nursing MSN FNP program. I've been at MD Anderson for over 2 years now and they think very highly of chamberlain nurses, so much so that they are on our approved list of schools for tuition reimbursement. Yes it is a for profit school and sure I was very skeptical. After doing researching decided to apply and here's why. I like the 8 week long courses and online learning environment. However, there is a campus site in Houston and one is opening in pearland. PERSONALLY i log some serious library hours each week researching evidence based articles for my discussions each week.....and yes, there are assignments and readings each week as well. Our professors are very interactive in the discussions with us as well. I also have the campus sites at my disposal for resources and sim lab as well. Then again, THIS IS WHAT IM PUTTING INTO MY EDUCATION, SO THAT I MAY BE THE MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE, CONFIDENT, COMPETENT, AND SAFE NP. I say that to say this.....I 100% agree that CNA -DNP with damn near the only requirement is to have a full name and priors is absolutely RIDICULOUS, and is assuredly putting a sour taste in my mouth about MOST BUT NOT ALL for profit schools.
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