Union University BSN to DNP- CRNA Fall 2014

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    Did anyone apply? Priority deadline is 10/01/2013. I applied to the program with one of my co-workers. We will have our one year CVICU experience in Jan 2014. I met afew other applicants who have 7 to 18 years of ICU experience. We are so nervous.
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    Hey there,
    I was just looking at Union's program. Do you know if they're still accepting applications. It says they'll accept them until the class is full. Also, it looks like a new program. Do they require the GRE?
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    I applied up there and after the preview day fell in love with their program. They are now my top choice. I am hoping we will hear something back soon.
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    After reading about the program, I applied too. Anybody hear anything yet?
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    They do not require GRE and they will be accepting applications till the beginning of the year, but I believe that the earlier the better. I am happy you applied. Hopefully we get in.
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    I attended the preview day too and could not focus on any other program since then. Are you from out of Jackson?
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    Ok good. I submitted everything, but it seems like it takes awhile for transcripts to be uploaded to NursingCAS. Do you remember how long it takes for everything to be uploaded?
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    It depends on how fast your schools send the transcripts to them. Could be a day or more
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    Thanks! I found out today that it takes about 7-10 days. Still waiting on one more before my file is complete.
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    I am actually from Birmingham AL. Me and my wife would be moving to the area if selected. If you are from the area I may hit you up on here to ask for suggestions on housing.
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