Pitt CRNA 2015

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    Anyone accepted to Pitt's class of Jan 2015?
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    I am also doing the spring 2015 start
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    Me too I can't wait!
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    Hey classmates!!! So excited to be starting with all of you! Just went to the spring anesthesia seminar today and it made me even more excited!
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    I'll be starting spring 2015 too
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    I am applying in December 2014 for the Fall 2015 class. How were the interviews? Can you guys post your stats so I know what they like? Any tips or advice?
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    Hello guys! I'll be starting in Jan 2015 as well! I am moving from Florida, heading up there soon to look for a place to live. Do you all have any input on housing? Ill be living alone, looking for a one bedroom or studio. I don't really mind how far away from campus I will be as long as it won't be terrible to get to class/clinical (I have never lived in the snow before). Thanks guys, and congrats!!
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    Hi! Congrats on getting in! I've been living in pittsburgh for a month now and I can tell you what I know. There is a bus system that is free for students which would probably be the best form of transportation to and from school. I know that parking in the garages near the school can be like $15-20 a day. Otherwise, most ppl in the program that I've met live mainly in squirrel hill or shady side. Both are roughly about 15 min bus ride to school. I found my house on Craigslist but I definitely recommend looking and contacting realtors asap for a place to live bc I think it might take a little bit more work to find a place in the winter. Hopefully that has helped a little bit. Let me know if you have more questions and I can try my best to help!