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I have a dilemma here! Considering applying for CRNA school next year for starting class of 2014 but I am not sure if I should wait one more year for the added experience and chance to gain better LOCs, CEs, volunteer work,... Read More

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    Thank you so much! They changed the scoring system on the GRE btw! But for the school I want to go to you actually have to get >1100 if you are looking at the old test... >302 on the new one. I took a practice GRE on the Kaplan website and realized I REALLY need to refresh my basic geometry/algebra knowledge, my quantitative reasoning score was not so hot! But I did get a 298 overall which almost makes the cut for where I want to go and thats without studying! But I definitely see what you mean about focusing on studying for that section of the test and not spending so much time on vocabulary. English if my first language and I read quite a bit but I'd say there were a large number of words on that test that I don't think I have ever seen in my life before! I think it would be much easier to memorize a few math equations than learn a new language in just a few months! Hah.

    So if I do manage to do well on the GRE I guess I will aim at applying for next year. The school I want to go to is a DNP program... and application is due in July, you are notified in October and classes begin mid-jan. Is that sort of timing typical with most schools? I feel like thats going to be a long 3-4 months waiting on that letter! Also, how soon is too soon to submit your application? Or does it matter? I don't want to look like the procrastinator or who waited until that last minute to turn everything in.

    Did you only work in one type of ICU before school? Going from a MSICU to a Transplant ICU has been challenging. I was starting to feel very comfortable and secure in the MSICU and it was a pretty easy transition since we use the same charting system, vents, pumps and cvvhd machines... but now that I am taking fresh transplants on my own I am starting to feel like an amateur all over again! I guess you can never know everything... Wouldn't it be nice though?

    Thanks for your help again.
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    Here's my know what you want to do for sure right?
    Every year you spend getting your application perfect is $100,000 in potential income lost. I KNOW this job is about more than income and TRUST ME I feel that way too, I'm just being practical here.
    You have the credentials to go to school NOW and not wait 2 years. You most definately should apply now for school. You have a very strong application. If you don't get accepted, you will still be building your application in the process of applying. I applied to CRNA school with 7 months of ICU experience (8 yrs nursing experience) because I felt like I had nothing to loose. In the time of applying I got my CCRN, signed up for grad classes, and strive to take the sickest ICU patients possible. Go for it and I bet if you send out a couple of applications you will get accepted to at least 1 school!!! Good Luck!!
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    Hi! congrats on the stats!

    I've a question for everyone though, my concern is the science courses/prereqs. I got a B+ in pharm and a B in pathophysiology, but still As in my other sciences and still working my way through my BSN. Will these grades hinder me in patho and pharm?
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    Question, do CRNA schools care in general if you worked in a level 1 trauma center vs. community hospital ICU?
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    you'll definitely get higher acuity patients at the level 1 trauma center. But in the end it all comes down to how knowledgeable you are in your specialty.