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I didn't see a thread, so I started one. I am planning on applying this fall for the Direct Entry MSN program. Anyone else?... Read More

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    I wonder how many people got interviewed today?

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    I was blissfully unaware of anything grad school related today due to engagement pictures. It was nice to think of fun happy things happening in September instead of thing not happening.
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    Have a great weekend AN friends!
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    You too, ktonic!
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    Quote from ktonic
    Have a great weekend AN friends!
    Lets hope for the best! For this coming week! :-)
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    To those who were interviewed on Thursday (3/21), I was wondering when they said you'll be hearing back from them?
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    Have any alternates received any further communication from DM?
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    Nope! Nothing here!! :-( I'm hoping we hear something this week!
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    Haven't heard a peep. I've been thinking about the whole alternate thing, and how last year it seems the alternates didn't hear anything until July, and how they claim we are not ranked... the only sense I can make of it is that they wait for several spots to open up before they start contacting alternates to fill them. Maybe they have a set number of spots they wait to collect, so if it takes several weeks until they have say, 10 open spots, the ten alternates they plan on accepting are just SOL waiting up to months to find out.

    Seems very inefficient and inconsiderate to me. I would have an easier time preparing for my future if I knew some sort of "rank." Like someone said earlier, being in the top ten is very different from the bottom ten. If I knew I was on the bottom, I would go ahead and follow through with other plans. But, being that Western is my top choice, I feel very frustrated and confused as far as how long I should hold out hope.
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    I haven't heard anything either! I'm sure we will soon though because we need instructions on requirements such as the physicals, blood works, cpr cards, etc.
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