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Western Health Sciences - Direct Entry MSN - Fall 2013 - page 43

I didn't see a thread, so I started one. I am planning on applying this fall for the Direct Entry MSN program. Anyone else?... Read More

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    Same here. I thought my interview went well but i guess not.....
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    Thank you! I am waiting on my admission decision from Cal State LA and I was accepted to Columbia's program. Those two are my top two choices and I felt like I would most likely not end up going to Western. I didn't want to hold onto a spot knowing that I wasn't going to attend.

    Congratulations to all of you accepted and good luck to everyone else!
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    No news yet! :-( I have a feeling it's going to happen next week!
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    I have a similar feeling...probably next week. This weekend is going to be a LONG ONE! I can't even concentrate at work or internship.
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    For some reason I feel like next week at this point too. This is killer! From when we turned apps in to when we got the interview invite, I was fine! But now, I am a nervous wreck. Can't concentrate or focus, constantly refreshing my email - I'm absolutely obsessive at this point! It's awful! lol
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    Bees, your post about going over the interview over and over is totally me! To the tee from your post! Haha. I force myself to stop though because we've done all we can and we shouldn't beat ourselves up over it. Whatever happens, happens. I'm glad I had my little freak out the other day because now whatever the verdict, I'll have gotten the "bad news" reaction over with! Ha!

    I'm sure one day, when we're ALL nurses and eventually NP's, we'll look back and laugh at ourselves!
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    I agree with you BlueEyes85! I am still hoping for western but thinking of what i will do should I not get accepted. I am deciding whether to reapply next year or apply to community colleges for ADN and work my way up. Some of my prereqs are getting a little old (3 years or so) and i know many schools have time limits on them. Last thing i want to do is have to retake the prereqs :X
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    Msjules, I'm applying to ADN, post bacc and ELM. All with different application dates. I figure I'll make to an NP no matter what, so whichever way I'm supposed to get there is the way I'll go!
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    msjules, where are you located? I am in Orange County. I have considered West Coast University. The cost is scary, but no wait lists and getting done in about 2 years would be so nice!

    I'm still waiting to hear back from Western Governor's University as well. The Pasadena cohort would start in May and we are supposed to hear something sometime this month. Western is my first choice, followed by WGU and then I just don't know what my plan will be!
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    Blue - are there any dates that are coming up??
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    For those of you that may be interested in doing an accelerated bsn program I know that CSU San Marcos has no deadlines, they have rolling applications so if you apply now there might be a chance for the fall or if not for the Spring if you are interested!

    Also, there a few other schools with entry MSN programs in CA. It's too late for this year but for those that want to apply next year you should apply to all these schools not just Western. I applied to CSU Fullerton, CSULA, CSU Long Beach, Azusa and USF and next year SFSU will have a class too. Oh and UCLA too. It's looking like my chances for Western are slim but fortunately I was accepted to Fullerton and although it is not an NP program only MSN like BlueEyes said I will get to NP eventually!

    My fingers are still crossed for Western though because it is my first choice!
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    Quote from raminajulia
    For those of you that may be interested in doing an accelerated bsn program I know that CSU San Marcos has no deadlines, they have rolling applications so if you apply now there might be a chance for the fall or if not for the Spring if you are interested!
    That's farther up north, right? Like below the Bay area?

    Just joking! It is San Diego! I just looked. They also have a Temecula campus, but I think that might be too far for me depending on the structure of the program.
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    @ BeesMama: I live in the valley (Woodland Hills) area. There is also a West Coast University out here is Encino but I have heard mixed things about the school so I am really pursuing other options before considering that school.

    This year, I applied to UCLA (was not accepted), Western U (still waiting), and CSU Long Beach as well as a few community colleges in my area for the ADN. I could not apply to CSULA because my undergraduate degree will not be conferred until May 2013. A few other schools I looked at required other prerequisite courses that I had not taken at the time nor signed up to take. I will also be appying to CSU San Marcos for ABSN. I would love to apply to other schools, perhaps even out of state but I am really limited to staying in SoCal because of family and a mortgage. At this point, it looks as if I will be getting an ADN (granted I get accepted by at least one of the schools) and then doing an RN-MSN program down the road.
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