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I didn't see a thread, so I started one. I am planning on applying this fall for the Direct Entry MSN program. Anyone else?... Read More

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    Anyone else's heart drop when they got the survey they sent regarding the interview?! Haha!
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    OMGosh @blueeyes85 I held my breath for two seconds and then my heart sank after reading it haha
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    MINE DID OMG!! lol
    I was like, Already?!
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    Same here! Wow what a rush! Survey.....
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    hello everyone,

    i also interviewed at western on friday 2/22 and am "patiently" waiting. i know the hard part is over, but the wait is driving me insane! i know we won't know until 2-3 weeks later but i cant help but check this site religiously for updates! i'm glad to have others in the same boat as me

    and dude, i think i had a heart attack when i saw the survey. close call. haha!
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    Hey everyone!!! I'm new to this site!! Its great to find people that are actually going through the same nervous breakdowns as I am. I was interviewed on 2/20. I thought that the whole interview process was great. I really liked their staff, and program. So now its just a matter of waiting!!
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    Ok.... i woke up this morning having a terrible dream that we were ALL sitting outside in a garden, dressed in crazy floral 80s dresses, waiting to hear... My son was there running around. Then slowly Michelle Cowling came out with a list & a handful of money and came to me first reading my name & saying I had been rejected. She then handed me a $2 bill and said it was for good luck. I was so confused & dismayed but decided to leave so grabbed my son along with for some reason I had an arm full if 2x4s I had to carry and struggled out.
    ..... Sooooo anyone want to take a shot at interpreting this one???
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    Superfryk, that is hilarious! I haven't had any weird dreams...yet!

    Is Western everyone's first choice?
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    @Superfryk WOW!!!! How awful! Such a strange dream! I'd like to see the group in floral 80's dresses... Maybe once we are in we can make that a reality, LOL

    @BlueEyes Yes, Western in my first choice. I can't stand waiting--trying to be as patient as possible but I was accepted to another program (considerably more expensive and out-of-state) and will probably have to submit a deposit soon. Western's program seems to be such a good fit for me, and I've grown to really like all of you guys too!!! I really hope all of us here on AN are accepted. Sending out positive thoughts for all of us while we wait.
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    Western is definitely my first choice! Like Ceci, I am so impatient! I want to know the answer, now!
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