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I didn't see a thread, so I started one. I am planning on applying this fall for the Direct Entry MSN program. Anyone else?... Read More

  1. by   ucefrain
    Hey Marisapm I completely understand what your feeling! I hate that I check my email like every hour because I know it's still too early to hear back but I'm starting to think I enjoy the rush of checking an imagining an acceptance email! Hahaha I'm trying to enjoy the journey there.
  2. by   BeesMama
    Hopefully only one more week of waiting! lol I seriously am so anxious and excited. I can't wait to hopefully get an "Accept" and be able to tell my job I'm leaving in August!!!
  3. by   ucefrain
    Amen beesmama! Wow soooo glad someone else is in the same boat as me! Whoop! I'm planning to tell them see ya like mid July! Hahahaha maybe not like that but ill be thinking it. Lol hi five.
  4. by   BlueEyes85
    I'm in the same boat beesmama and ucefrain! All my coworkers think ill be leaving and keep wondering who's going to replace me (I'm a manager)! Haha. I'm like "thanks for your positivity BUT I need a confirmation first!"

    Ucefrain, I also keep refreshing my email and hoping to see Daniell's name there. Ha!
  5. by   alwaysxsmile03
    @ucefrain: I interviewed on 2/22 AM. There were about 3 guys in my group so I don't think you're alone out there There were also 2 no shows for the morning section. I don't know if they got rescheduled or not...

    I'm also in the same boat as everyone. If I get into Western, I'm putting my two weeks notice beginning June to travel!! The slight thought of it makes me so excited...but I don't want to get my hopes too high >.<
  6. by   ucefrain
    Thanks alwayssmile! Great idea on the traveling that sounds great! It makes an acceptance that much more exciting! Now I am inspired to travel too! I'm sure my wife would love that too! Lol
  7. by   ucefrain
    I hear you too BlueEyes I need confirmation before booking it from my J O B hahahaha it's been fun working in a lab but u am ready to move on!
  8. by   alyssag24
    Is anyone else here kind of upset that they decided to change the program and no longer offer the FNP tract until after we get the MSN? That's one of the only reasons I might reject if I got accepted.
  9. by   ucefrain
    Hey Alyssa I'm still not sure what to make of that I mean the lady said that most people don't go through the FNP even though most start off saying they want to. From my college experience I learned that a lot can happen throughout the years and things change so I just hope that this change is beneficial and doesn't just complicate things anymore! It would be nice to hear everyone's thoughts on this though!
  10. by   BeesMama
    I'm with ucefrain - I am not entirely sure how to take what she said. On the one hand, it would be nice to have that as an option still - but from the sounds of it - it isn't really all that different. It sounds like you can actually diversify your education but still have the same end goal. For instance, if you get your MSN in ambulatory care (like she suggested in our session) then you would have that in your back pocket for later if you still decide to pursue the FNP route. You would be able to work as a paid MSN nurse, and then pursue the FNP track. Speaking about FNP's, I am not sure I would even want to be an FNP at this point. Once you finish your MSN, you can just pursue the DNP and then have the highest terminal degree in nursing.

    But I do understand your frustration. I agree that a lot can change in 3 years. Pathways may change, be added, removed, who knows. And I hope that the change is beneficial as well! I was leaning toward Clinical Nurse leader, to begin with. But when she said that you have at least another year on top of the 3 for the other tracks, to be a nurse with a "degree", I was completely taken aback. I am anxious enough to find a job I enjoy without a BSN after the first. I want a degree as quickly as possible!

    WOW! Long-winded. In summary - I would try not to worry about it too much. I don't think they want to "hurt" our education. I've been to 9 schools, talked to countless admission staff and faculty - and Western is extremely student centric. I think the change will ultimately be in our favor!
  11. by   WinterSoldier
    BeesMama made some good points. I am also under the impression that the change in the program was not final (that's what it sounded like during the presentation) so there is still a *chance* we can go straight in to the FNP specialty. But, I do think having a MSN sooner will be to our advantage, especially because new grad RNs are having a hard time finding employment at this time, especially ADNs--which in my head I consider equivalent to what we will be when we are seeking work as "RNs" without the BSN degree. Western also said they will give preference to Alumni should we have to re-apply for the post-graduate FNP cert. I don't think doing it that way will impact the length of time it takes to be a FNP as a final outcome, and we will have our degrees sooner, so it might actually impact us positively.

    At first I was a tad irritated though ... but the more I think about it, the more I don't think I mind.

    P.S. Waiting is torture. My cortisol levels must through the roof--and probably have been for months. Still so anxious.
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  12. by   raminajulia
    My only concern with having to go about to the FNP track in this manner is whether or not they can deny you acceptance since you are basically applying again.
  13. by   WinterSoldier
    @raminajulia I asked my interviewers about the potential change (and the possible DNP requirement by 2015) and they said Western alumni will get preference and made it sound like you would be guaranteed acceptance.