Western Health Sciences - Direct Entry MSN - Fall 2013 - page 26

I didn't see a thread, so I started one. I am planning on applying this fall for the Direct Entry MSN program. Anyone else?... Read More

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    Thank you Scooby! Good luck next week! Keep us posted about how it goes!

    Rainkissed, you haven't told anyone?!?! Bless your heart! I'd be going INSANE if i couldn't vent to anyone!

    You can totally lean on us for support! (i feel like that sounds like one of the weight loss forums where every one cries about what they've binged on...except we cry about interviews and GPA's and begging to get into school haha jkjkjk
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    God bless you both @Scooby & @Blue
    I can feel the love.
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    Hey rain,
    I just PMed you
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    I just declined my interview offer so hopefully that opens up a slot. Good luck everyone
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    ok- i laughed my ass off when i read that. yes- Rainkissed- you are one brave applicant! I think i have everyone i know even down the the coffee shop and mail box employees asking me daily and sending me good wishes. so i will pass along some of that positivity to you- we're here to listen, cheer, even crack dumb jokes if needs be
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    Thank you! @super

    Everyone's generosity and thoughtfulness puts a smile on my face.
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    ok- looking forward to a new week of interview invites...
    and for those of you going in this week!! best of luck! knock em dead!
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    I hope everyone still waiting receives an interview invite this week!!! Don't lose hope
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    Thank you Ceci81! And all the best for those that are interviewing this week
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    For those who have interviews this week, please post about your experiences!!! I am sure we are all eager to hear how it went. Good luck to everyone interviewing and to those waiting for an interview invite.
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    Good luck to everyone interviewing this week!
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    Eeeeek!! Just got an email for an interview on February 21!
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    Me tooo!!!! Yayyy!!
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