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Hi all! I just wanted to get a thread started for those who plan on applying to Vanderbilt's prespecialty (for non-nurses) MSN program. I only recently discovered this program about 2 months ago... Read More

  1. by   nikki164
    what do you mean by call backs?
  2. by   Nurse2Be88
    Call backs meaning the people who had phone interviews. Just curious to know if anyone found out yet
  3. by   mef06011
    Hi NursetoBe88, what do you mean you read all the posts about "call backs"?

    I interviewed last Wednesday, and the woman I spoke with said earliest notifications would go out late Feb.
  4. by   scnurse77
    Hi Everyone,
    I was just searching the internet and happened along this thread. Seems like we are all holding our breath! I applied for the ACNP direct entry for the fall and have been absolutely ill waiting to hear! I was told that the earliest decisions would go out beginning of Feb. but that they would all be sent by March. Good luck everyone! Oh and I too about fell over when the financial aid packet came
  5. by   banana44
    Hello all - Anybody else out there interviewing still? Just trying to gauge where they might be in the process. It seems that people were interviewing last week still... just wondering if that is still going on. So anxious to hear!
  6. by   Meredith09
    Howdy doody aspiring Commodores!

    Sorry I haven't been able to get back to you all until now- we're entering the first round of exams, so things are getting busy here. Will try to answer all of your questions to the best of my ability- if i miss someone, please let me know!

    What a pre-specialty's day-to-day existence is like... BUSY, to say the least. In the first semester you typically have two full days (read: 6-7 hours) of lecture and seminar stuff on Monday and Tuesday, followed by a 3 hour class on Wednesday (this goes away about 2/3 of the way through the semester). Thursday or Friday you will have skills labs from about 8-4- whichever day you do not have lab, you have off! Lab ends about mid October, after which you have two major practical exams that you must pass in order to proceed to clinical- one consists of doing a full head-toe physical and writing up the findings from memory (much easier than it sounds with adequate practice, i promise), and one "interventions" practical, in which you are up in the sim lab and are given a scenario in which you have to perform certain skills (inserting a Foley, G-tube feeding, NG tube placement, enema, etc.) Your first clinical rotation is a general med-surg rotation and starts around the first week of November, and continues for 5 weeks until just before finals. Clinicals are typically from 0630-1500 and consist of 5-6 students on a unit with one instructor; most of this time is on the floor, but a few hours will be spent in post-conference. First semester is very intense, but totally doable.

    Second semester is a bit different in that you don't have that pesky lab day at the end of the week, but rather go straight into clinicals. You will complete 4 rotations in the spring (one of which is actually part of summer semester). These rotations are in adult health, OB, peds, and psych-mental health. I have had nothing but fabulous clinical faculty thus far. Same can be said for most of the didactic faculty as well. You will also have lecture from about 8-2 or three on Monday and Tuesday, then clinical either wednesday and thursday or thursday and friday. Whichever day you do not have clinical (monday or friday), you will have community health. For the first few weeks this consists of more lecture (but only about 3 hours), and then you split into smaller groups and meet at various sites around nashville for community health clinical and other activities.

    Clinical sites at a distance...I personally have not experienced this, but I know some students are assigned to clinical in Hendersonville, which is a bit farther than most clinical sites. When Vandy tells you that they can send you up to two hours away for clinical, I think for the most part this refers to master's year students, and most of those sites- to the best of my knowledge- are for primary care specialties, such as FNP, ANP, and midwifery. ACNP as I understand tends to stick to major metro areas immediately around Nashville. Most all pre-specialty year students live quite close to campus because of the amount of time you spend on campus. Depending on your specialty, you may be forced out of Nashville for the second year due to limited clinical sites. So basically plan to be in Nashville your first year, and have some flexibility your second year.

    ACNP popularity... I have to laugh a little bit as I see this phrase on my screen ACNP is not very common among the pre-specialty students, as most of the ACNP people at Vandy are RN direct entry applicants. I think there's about 15-20 of us in the (non-nurse) pre-specialty class (out of 140). FNP is by far the most popular specialty. I did not have an interview, BTW. When I applied, they were only interviewing Psych applicants, so this interviewing thing is news to me. FWIW, I was wait listed in February last year, and got my acceptance call on June 9... this elicited much screaming, crying, jumping up and down and having strangers on the street give me weird looks, lol . The moral of the story is: don't give up hope even if you don't get an immediate acceptance. Simply follow up with admissions (without making a pest of yourself) and express your continued interest...then pray like hell.

    Also of note (and not to burst anyone's bubble) but that financial aid packet is sent to all applicants. You may now go cry in peace, or stop having a heart attack And speaking of heart attacks...this is no cheap venture. My loans for this first year total about $75k. Whether that pile of dough is worth it to you is a very subjective matter, however, having the Vanderbilt name on your record will ALWAYS be a great asset to you. Just my

    I hope I covered everyone's questions, but please feel free to ask more! I wish you all the best.

  7. by   stephdowling
    Thanks for taking the time to post so much helpful info for us aspiring Commadores. I have a couple of question about clinicals.

    1. Do the second semester clinical rotations also have 5-6 students per instructor on the unit?

    2. How does that work... is each student assigned a patient and a nurse on the floor to follow or are all 5 students working with the instructor and one patient?

    3. Are there two days of clinicals in the second semester?

    4. What exactly is the adult health rotation?

    I'm looking forward to hearing more
  8. by   BuMan
    Meredith - Many, many thanks for this info - it's great to have a first-hand account of what (hopefully) is to come.
  9. by   BuMan
    Hey Evaamber -- at least they're reading the essays! Were you called by the ACNP director? I've had a couple of emails with her and she seems like a genuinely nice lady.
  10. by   Evita
    BuMan - no calls, just emails. She and the admissions officer have both been really nice, but no hints from either about my chances. Guess We're all waiting and seeing.
  11. by   rtaylr5

    Thank you for all the helpful info! I do have a couple of questions as well...

    1. What would you suggest doing to prepare for the pre-specialty program? Certain courses to review?

    2. You mentioned that most people live near campus, but do you know anyone that does commute from the outskirts of Nashville? If so, do you know what their experience may be?

    Thanks again!


    And yes.... dying here for an answer!!!!!! Thank goodness February is a short-ish month!
  12. by   mamalex
    I had my phone interview on Wednesday morning, by the way! Now waiting with all of you
  13. by   mef06011
    Congrats on the interview mamalex! The woman I interviewed with said the midwifery cohort is about 30, so maybe we'll be classmates! I'm hoping to visit Nashville over my spring break, if I get in, of course! I've never been, and I'm excited to see it (hopefully)!