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Hi all! I just wanted to get a thread started for those who plan on applying to Vanderbilt's prespecialty (for non-nurses) MSN program. I only recently discovered this program about 2 months ago... Read More

  1. by   maduro
    Hi everyone. I just had my interview for the Nurse-Midwife speciality and it went well. I was a bit nervous but the questions were standard "why do you want to be a midwife" and such. My call lasted 20 minutes and overall I was pleased with the interview. Good Luck, everyone!
  2. by   banana44
    Hi Meredith - I have a question for you as well... Do you now how people deal with the clinic sites that some distance away? Like do students have apartments in Nashville and travel during the week or do they move out to where the clinic sites are? How difficult does this seem to be?

    Just curious and would love any insight into this!

  3. by   mef06011
    I had my interview for the CNM program today and it went really well. It lasted about 20-30 minutes, and I feel pretty confident about it. I interviewed with Mavis Schorn and she was really nice. Good luck to everyone! She said that letters should go out late Feb, so happy waiting till then!
  4. by   billyqgoat
    Mamalex, I wouldn't worry. I think its just the people who applied to the midwifery AND the FNP dual program that were contacted for the interview (or just the FNP program alone). Good luck, everyone!
  5. by   rtaylr5
    Hello Meredith!

    I would love to hear details from you about what to expect the first year. Please feel free to email me directly at (or anyone else for that matter ). Look forward to hearing from you~
  6. by   BuMan
    Quote from Meredith09

    I am a current pre-specialty ACNP student at Vandy. Wanted to wish you luck with your application and offer to answer any questions you might have regarding the application process or the program. Let me know if I can be of help! Good luck!
    Hi Meredith -- when you were applying, did you have an interview? I am a non-nurse applicant for the ACNP program and haven't heard anything about a possible interview. Is the ACNP a popular specialization? Is the program what you expected? Thanks in advance for any insight you offer. Tim
  7. by   Evita
    Hey all! Did anyone else get a financial aid info packet in the mail? My heart just about stopped. I also applied for ACNP and haven't received an interview.
  8. by   SydneyJo1
    Yes, I got the financial aid packet. I almost wet my pants!! Then I noticed it was from the financial aid office and got control of myself again. I think everyone gets one of those, but it sure was exciting to see that envelope from Vanderbilt in my mail box! Let's hope the OTHER MAILING arrives soon!! And with good news, of course.
  9. by   pdubya24
    I was so glad I read the post about getting the financial aid packet yesterday so I didn't have a heart attack last night when I checked the mail and knew I would probably getting one soon. I think they send it to everyone too, but there was a place on some of the applications (not sure if Vanderbilt had it too) where you could click on getting more info for things like financial aid, disability services, etc.
  10. by   chellentn
    Hey all! I also interviewed Wednesday for the midwife (NMW only) specialty....and then had a heart attack when I got the financial aid pack as well.

    I hoping that I did ok in the phone interview, but my anxiousness was OVERWHELMING. I want to get in so, so badly.

    Best of luck to yall ! (and me).
  11. by   BuMan
    Quote from evaamber
    Hey all! Did anyone else get a financial aid info packet in the mail? My heart just about stopped. I also applied for ACNP and haven't received an interview.
    Hi Evaamber - Do you have any idea about the stats for ACNP, i.e., how many applicants vs. spaces available? I suppose it changes from year to year. I'm just curious about the popularity of this speciality compared to some of the others. Does anyone here have an idea about this?
  12. by   Evita
    Hi BuMan - I have NO idea. I wish I did. I got an email earlier this week from the head of ACNP because I had specified on my application that I was interested in Emergency Nursing. She told me that after the pre-specialty year I could apply for the Emergency specialty within the ACNP track, but I couldn't be guaranteed a spot, and she wanted me to clarify my goals to make sure I wasn't ONLY interested in emergency nursing. I'm kind of freaked out, and I wish I hadn't said anything about Emergency Nursing, if it's going to hurt my chances. Anyway, I heard we'll know in about a month, and that we'll receive an envelope in the mail.
  13. by   Nurse2Be88
    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone has gotten accepted to VB's FNP program for Fall 2011 yet? I read the posts about the call backs and am curious to know if any of you heard back? Or if anyone who didn't get an interview got accepted yet? I received an email from admissions back in Decemeber stating that decisions would be made late Feb / early March. It's still early!