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Hi all! I just wanted to get a thread started for those who plan on applying to Vanderbilt's prespecialty (for non-nurses) MSN program. I only recently discovered this program about 2 months ago... Read More

  1. by   SydneyJo1
    My goal statement is one page long (spacing is 1.5), and my interview questions are 8 pages long all together. I think there are 6 interview quesitons, and I would say my average response is 3-4 paragraphs long. I have no idea if there is a word or page limit or if mine is too long or too short.

    I got an email from the admissions person today saying that my application is complete and ready for review (yay!) and they will be sending out acceptance letters in early March (boo!!!). Oh my LORD, how am I going to wait that long??? I have no patience.
  2. by   rtaylr5
    How long did it take them to process your application prior to receiving the email?
  3. by   SydneyJo1
    Not long--maybe a week from the time I sent in my last letter of recommendation?
  4. by   pdubya24
    Just finishing up applying, I know I'm a little behind but I didn't find out about their program when I started looking into schools. I've also applied/applying to a few other schools. I'm hoping to to the WHNP program. I'm pretty nervous because my GPA and GRE scores are only a bit above the minimum so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my letters of rec and essays will boost me up a bit. Can't believe it's november and we still have to wait until march to hear anything ughhh.
    Best of luck to everyone
  5. by   rtaylr5
    Good Luck pdubya24 and welcome to the thread! Let the waiting game begin for us all!
  6. by   SydneyJo1
    Did I mention that I hate waiting???????
    Pdubya, I am applying to the WHNP/ANP dual program as a RN Pre-Specialty student! Are you already a nurse, or are you entering with a non-nursing BS degree?
  7. by   rtaylr5
    Is anyone else applying to the acute care pre-specialty track?
  8. by   pdubya24
    I am not a nurse, I'm doing the direct entry program so I'll do the accelerated part first to and become an RN then go directly into the WHNP specialty.. I hope!
  9. by   danceluver
    Does anyone know as a pre-specialty entrant, if you decide to change your masters specialty once you get to that portion, can you or are you stuck with what you initially chose upon entering the program? Or, does anyone know if the first specialty you chose in your application did not admit you, to give them a second choice (ie if you want FNP but did not get into the FNP, can you follow up with a second choice in your masters: ie ANP or WHNP? Just examples
  10. by   rtaylr5
    I'm not totally sure, but I read somewhere that if you change your mind during the application process you do have to resubmit the interview questions addressed to the new specialty.
  11. by   SydneyJo1
    I asked the admissions person that question, and she said that once you are in the program you can request to change specialties but admission depends upon whether or not there is space available in the new specialty. If you don't get into the program you are applying for, you can apply to a different one (you need a new goal statement and new interview essay), but I assume that it would be fairly late in the process at that point since you wouldn't know you didn't get in until March or so. I wish they let us put a second choice on our application; seems like that would make more sense.
  12. by   rtaylr5
    For those of you who have applied, what other programs did you apply to? Vanderbilt is my first choice, but I would like to explore some other options for pre-specialty entry. Any suggestions?
  13. by   SCNP2B
    Quote from rtaylr5
    For those of you who have applied, what other programs did you apply to? Vanderbilt is my first choice, but I would like to explore some other options for pre-specialty entry. Any suggestions?
    I also applied to Yale and UCLA (but those apps were due on November 1), Ohio State, which is due Dec. 15 so you still have time, Mass Gen Hospital, due Jan 10, Northeastern, due early January, Case Western, which has rolling admissions through May, and I plan on applying to UI Chicago when the app opens in January.