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Hi all! I just wanted to get a thread started for those who plan on applying to Vanderbilt's prespecialty (for non-nurses) MSN program. I only recently discovered this program about 2 months ago... Read More

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    Those of you who attended the open house--can you please give some info about what was talked about or what you found interesting? I wanted to go so badly, but I had clinicals on Friday pms this semester and couldn't make it to Nashville. I would love to hear what you thought about the open house and what stood out to you!

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    That's great! I wasn't able to attend the open house, but I did meet with admissions this week as I turned in my application. My GPA isn't as high as yours, but I believe that I am still a strong candidate based upon the rest of my application and the averages I was given. Keep in touch~ hopefully we will both be in Nashville in the Fall!
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    Regarding the statement and interview questions, has anyone seen any note about word or page limit anywhere? I assume a goal statement would be shorter than a personal statement that encompasses everything, but I feel like I am repeating myself on some of the questions. How long were your statement and answers for the interview questions??
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    My goal statement is one page long (spacing is 1.5), and my interview questions are 8 pages long all together. I think there are 6 interview quesitons, and I would say my average response is 3-4 paragraphs long. I have no idea if there is a word or page limit or if mine is too long or too short.

    I got an email from the admissions person today saying that my application is complete and ready for review (yay!) and they will be sending out acceptance letters in early March (boo!!!). Oh my LORD, how am I going to wait that long??? I have no patience.
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    How long did it take them to process your application prior to receiving the email?
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    Not long--maybe a week from the time I sent in my last letter of recommendation?
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    Just finishing up applying, I know I'm a little behind but I didn't find out about their program when I started looking into schools. I've also applied/applying to a few other schools. I'm hoping to to the WHNP program. I'm pretty nervous because my GPA and GRE scores are only a bit above the minimum so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my letters of rec and essays will boost me up a bit. Can't believe it's november and we still have to wait until march to hear anything ughhh.
    Best of luck to everyone
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    Good Luck pdubya24 and welcome to the thread! Let the waiting game begin for us all!
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    Did I mention that I hate waiting???????
    Pdubya, I am applying to the WHNP/ANP dual program as a RN Pre-Specialty student! Are you already a nurse, or are you entering with a non-nursing BS degree?
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    Is anyone else applying to the acute care pre-specialty track?

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