University of South Alabama NP Fall 2011

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    The Fall 2011 deadline has past, the count down begins. Has anyone else applied? I was planning on applying for the Fall 2011 DNP as sort of a back up. Having writers block with the essays.
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    I applied for the ENP (FNP/ACNP) track for Summer. Like you I was rejected the first go round. Good luck
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    the application deadline has been extended to 18 mar.

    usa college of nursing - doctor of nursing practice admissions
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    I got my acceptance letter yesterday for Summer!!!!
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    Congratulations 808medicRN...which MSN program did you apply for?
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    I was not accepted :-(
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    I got accepted for summer 2011 for the FNP.
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    The FNP/Acute Care
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    Sorry to hear you were not accepted WannBeFNP. I wasn't accepted my first try either. I know that feeling of disappointment. But, heads up, try again!!
    Florida Congrats! I'm excited to know of some one starting at the same time! I can't figure out how to message you, can you message me?
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    Thanks 808medicRN. I am finding more people on the forum that are about to start class summer 2011. I will try to send you a personal email with my info. It would be nice if we can embark on this journey together. Take care.