University of South Alabama NP Fall 2011 - page 6

The Fall 2011 deadline has past, the count down begins. Has anyone else applied? I was planning on applying for the Fall 2011 DNP as sort of a back up. Having writers block with the essays.... Read More

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    Congrats chingy1206!!!

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    Congrats Chingy!
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    Sorry to revive an old thread, but I wanted to add my two cents. I am awaiting my acceptance. I received an email that everything was received and verified, so now I need to wait 6-8 weeks to know one way or the other.

    I have a question: what is their acceptance rate? I saw a statistic from googling this question, but this was for undergrad: 47%.
    Another question: What does the rejection letter/email look like? Does it come sooner than acceptance?

    Fingers crossed for all in the same boat as I am, waiting. This is anxiety personified. Ha! But I'm sure it's the easiest part.

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