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Hi still waiting for a reply to UC for spring semester, but thought I would try to start a thread for new and current MSN students of any advance practice program at University of Cincinnati. I hope you all join me.... Read More

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    Hi all,

    My question is for current or accepted U of Cincinnati distance MSN students. I am set to start the FNP distance program Sept. 22. I haven't received any information beyond my initial acceptance email. Has anyone received an admissions packet with further information for students prior to starting the program? I am a planner and it's really starting to bug me that I haven't gotten anything else. I have contacted my admissions advisor and she assures me something will arrive. Anybody receive anything like this yet?

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    Great reads on your previous experiences with the program! Thank you for sharing!

    I'll be starting my MSN ANP @ University of Cincinnati DL program this coming SPring Semester 2013 on January 7, 2013. Hope to chat with my fellow "classmates!"
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    I am interested in the DL MSN APN program. Thoughts or feedback?
    my email is

    thanks in advance!!!