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Just started the app for this school's program. Anyone else thinking of applying here? I'm pretty annoyed at how expensive the application is: $100 for the grad school and $65 for the NursingCAS... Read More

  1. by   angcash
    Quote from kaanoi
    How did you folks hear about the orientation dates?
    I emailed ******** and asked him if we were doing to have some type of orientation, and those are the dates that he gave me.
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  2. by   kaanoi
    Thank you for emailing him. I was getting a little leery about not knowing much about the schedule and what not. I wonder when they will be getting any more info to us.
  3. by   angcash
    did anybody look at the forum from last year? Well I was reading it, and there were a few students who are currently in the program giving some insight into the schedule for the first year. I do remember them saying that we go to school monday-saturday!! lol, but I guess we should have expected that but if you want to know a little bit more about the program from current students, find the 2012 forum for UH MEPN.
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  4. by   APRNwannabe
    Hey Guys.
    Just got the email on Friday about orientation dates, etc. Went to search on FB for 2013 UH MEPN, nothing came up. I don't have PM privliges yet. GUESS WHAT? There is a UH Manoa MEPN FB page- search UH Manoa MEPN and message an administrator. This is where many current students are. There are items for sale from students who are done with their stuff and basically a way to be more connected to those in the program now. Cool, huh?
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  5. by   angcash
    I just found out I lost my student housing :/ I specifically told them to send all the info about housing to my main email account and not the Hawaii one...but they did...needless to say, it got cancelled!! So now I am frantically looking for a place to live.
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  6. by   KCruz
    Hi everyone! I am looking forward to applying for fall 2014.I just got my Bachelor of Science degree and am a current resident in California. I have been following this thread in my research on tips in applying. What are the stats of those who were accepted? May I see a sample to your winning video ? I have anxiety about that portion of the app! Thank you for any help! Congrats again everyone!
  7. by   KCruz
    Quote from melyssamajano
    I received my acceptance email today!!!!!!!!!! I wish all of you luck

    Hi Melyssa,

    I am interested in applying in the coming months. So I'm looking for any advice on this forum. How are you doing so far in the NP program? May I ask what your GPA was when you were applying? Thank you!
  8. by   KCruz
    Any advice please email: (will use old high school email...prefer not to give out current personal email address on here)
  9. by   melyssamajano
    It is difficult to believe that one year ago I was in your shoes. My GPA during undergrad did not reflect my abilities nor was it competitive. I had the minimum GPA to get in. I believe that my youtube video, undergrad research, medical internship in SA and recommendation letters got me in. You have to have something that sets you apart from all the other applicants. All applicants are going to have decent GPAs, a little shadowing under their belts and "want to help others". What makes you standout? Why do you want to be a nurse, this is the most important question. They don't want to hear that you want to help others or that you were made for this profession....why do you want to help others by being a Nurse, because you can help others through other means. The program is accelerated, making it extremely stressful but anyone can do anything for one year. I would recommend taking a Pharmacology and Pathophysiology refresher coarse, it would really help. The program is very competitive, I believe that there were over 250 applicants last year and only 36 got in. Good luck and just be authentic in your youtube video, if you truly want to be an NP it show through